High Desert Shuttle Picks the Perfect Local Vanity Number

We've written a lot about the neuroscience underlying memorable numbers and how to pick the perfect phone number for your business, but sometimes the best choice is right in front of you.  That was certainly the case for High Desert Shuttle in southern California, who quickly realized after calling us that (760) SHUTTLE was, much like their shuttle service, the only way to go! The number is a perfect fit for not only the company's name and services but also the shuttle-shaped business cards you can see below. Get these on airport information desks and other locations with a high volume of travelers passing by and we guarantee they'll attract attention! 760-SHUTTLE-biz-cardsThis excellent set of digits is a helpful reminder that sometimes you can find a local vanity number that communicates both your brand and the business sector in which you operate. Everyone who sees this number knows exactly what the company does in seconds. High Desert Shuttle takes that asset and turns it into a competitive advantage with creative marketing materials that feature the number in prominent positions. There's another important reminder: when you have an unforgettable number, why not put it front and center?! 760-SHUTTLE-door-signIf you're traveling in or around the Los Angeles area, there's now only one number you need to remember and thankfully it's an easy one: (760) SHUTTLE! [search-tag] 

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