How Much Does a Vanity Phone Number Cost?

Phone numbers are memorable, effective, and underutilized. When the right number for your business is incorporated into advertising efforts, advertising response rates increase, brand awareness improves, and return on investment is guaranteed. So, how much does it cost to get a vanity phone number? How much is a phone number with a seven-digit vanity? And what should you consider when evaluating the business phone number price and features?

Phone numbers can sell anywhere from tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. In this blog, we’ll break down phone numbers into their main parts and explain how the costs add up.

Local Phone Number Components (and Costs)

In order to understand “how much is a vanity phone number,” you need to know the makeup of a phone number. There are three main parts:

  • The area code, historically associated with a geographic region
  • The prefix or NXX, and
  • The line number or last 4-digits

The pricing equation evaluates these factors based on their rarity or specialty, and generates a value. Now that numbers are no longer totally Greek to you, let’s break down prices by segment.

Area Code

The first three digits of a 10-digit number are grouped as the area code. This indicates the user’s geographical location. There are two different area code categories, toll-free and local.

  • Toll-free numbers have the (8XX) “area code”
  • Local Numbers have area codes specific to your geographic location; for example, Manhattan, NY’s code is 212

Toll-free numbers

Toll-free numbers have an infinite value. They are controlled by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); therefore, they cannot be owned. The number is licensed to a user and the user makes monthly payments until they are finished using the toll-free plan.


So, “how much does it cost to buy a phone number?” These installments range anywhere from $15-$100+ per month, depending on the prefix and line number.

Local numbers

Local numbers are a one-time purchase, and area code influences pricing depending on rarity. For many metropolitan areas, the original area codes are exhausted. That means that new numbers issued in the areas use a new, or “overlay,” area code. But how much does a phone number cost for businesses that want to have a telephone number with a local area code?

Exhausted area codes

Examples of exhausted area codes include

  • 212 (New York City)
  • 305 (Miami)
  • 713 (Houston)
  • 310 (Los Angeles)
  • Focusing in on 212, this was New York’s original area code and it is viewed as prestigious. If you were to sign up for new phone service in Manhattan, you would be assigned a number that begins with a 332 area code. Start-ups and long-established companies alike prefer to have the brand cachet of an original 212 area code, as it is instantly recognizable and projects a sense of longevity.


  • The most expensive 212 numbers are almost $30,000. Talk about supply and demand. From here, toll-free and local are priced similarly based on their prefix and line number.

Prefix (NXX)

  • Following the area code is the prefix or NXX. We label this middle group of digits as premium, pattern, or random.
  • Premium numbers are repeated digits such as XXX-222-XXXX
  • Pattern segments make it easy to remember and dial a number like XXX-202-XXXX, XXX-200-XXXX, or XXX-220-XXXX
  • Random number groupings have no rhyme or reason to their segment order
  • The order of the NXX helps to influence the memorability of the number. The more memorable, the more expensive.


  • The pricing, assuming the preceding 4-digits are random, starts just under $100 and increases depending on the rarity of the number.

Number Line (Last 4-digits)

  • Last but certainly not least, the last four digits. This ending segment has the most impact on the value of a number. Depending on the prefix or NXX, the order of the last four digits can continue a premium/pattern or make the number a vanity.
  • Premium numbers can be a super repeater XXX-222-2222 or have double repeaters XXX-222-5555
  • Pattern segments can occur through the whole number XXX-202-2020 or be something simply professional and memorable like ending in 1000
  • Vanity numbers spell out phrases XXX-XXX-HOME and XXX-XXX-LAWN
  • This segment indicates memorability. It can create a call-to-action or branding statement with a phrase, or it can form a pattern that moves to a steady beat.


  • Pricing ranges from $99 to over $10,000 depending a variety of factors such as area-code, popularity of phrase, memorability, etc.

7-Digit Vanity Numbers

  • One of the more common requests is for a number with a pure seven-digit vanity that spells a word or phrase with only the area code containing numbers. These are the most premium of numbers, as they are the rarest. If you’re wondering “how much is a vanity phone number,” the price will be higher than some of the other options, but the additional benefits of creating a custom text number will make it worthwhile. The number will be much easier to remember, getting more customers to reach out and leading to more sales over time.
  • For local numbers, not every NXX combination has been released, so some vanities are simply not available. But even if it was released, there will only be one for the exact 7-digit word you’re looking for per area code.

Tips for buying local vanity numbers

  • With local vanities, it is not recommended to choose an 8-digit vanity because a cell phone won’t register the phone call correctly if all eight numbers after the area code are dialed. Luckily, RingBoost has the largest collection of curated 7-digit vanity numbers with local area codes available online.
  • Examples include
  • 559-DENTIST
  • 747-LAW-FIRM
  • 667-BACK-DOC
  • 903-ROOFING


  • Pricing can be from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Tips for buying toll-free vanity numbers

  • Toll-free has more options for vanity keywords and phrases, considering that there are seven different 8XX “area codes” (800, 888, 877, down to 833) and all number combinations after are released.
  • Also, if a caller dials more than 7-digits with a toll-free number, the call will still be completed, which is why longer vanity numbers like 1-800-HOMECARE are viable options.
  • Pricing primarily depends on whether you want a nationwide number or are interested in licensing a premium vanity for a particular, direct market area. It typically ranges from $15-$1200/mo

Start-Up Cost For A Vanity Number is a Long-Term Investment

  • Now you know that purchasing a phone number is a real thing and the logic behind the fluctuating prices. Investing in a new number is a long-term investment in yourself. This attainable asset will continue to perform for the longevity of your business. But how much is a vanity phone number?
  • If you are looking to switch from your randomly generated number assigned to you by your carrier, RingBoost has over 500,000 phone numbers. Whether you want one that is memorable, significant, or even a bit random, RingBoost has the right fit for you. Find the perfect vanity number to boost your ROI. We’ll help you figure out how much is a vanity phone number and will get you started on updating your current number to one that will help you stand out in your industry.

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