How to Convert Searchers to Customers with Reviews

This is the second installment of the five-part series written by our partner Whitespark called How to Win at Local Search in 2019. 

Reviews are one of the most powerful ways that you can make not only your Google My Business listing stand out, but also attract the attention of searchers. A person is more likely to click, engage, and spend more time with a listing that has more reviews.

Look below - which business would you call?

6 Tips for How to Get More Reviews For Your Business:

1) Golden Rule – Ask Every Customer

If you only do this, you’re 80% of the way there. Many businesses are too nervous to ask because they are concerned they’ll get some negative reviews. What you’ll find is that if you don’t ask, your reviews will skew towards the negative. If you start asking ALL your customers, then the happy ones will be encouraged to support you too, and your reviews will start to skew towards the positive.

2) Platinum Rule –Always Follow Up

People may not leave you the review on the first try, so always send a follow up request a week later. Life gets busy, and sometimes all people need is a gentle reminder.

3) Get a Link to Leave a Google Review

If you don't already have a steady flow of reviews, start with Google. Make it easy for people to leave a review by providing them with a direct link to your listing and review section. Not sure how to get your link? No problem, there’s a free tool to generate a link to leave a review on Google.

Now put this link everywhere:

  • Business cards.
  • Sales receipts and invoices.
  • Include it in your email signature.
  • Add it to an automated email asking for a review.
  • Put a sign on the door (both sides).
  • Ask on Social sites.
  • Create a page on your website.

4) It’s as Easy As Sending a Quick Email

Asking for reviews can be as simple as asking in person or sending a quick email and linking to the site(s) you’re hoping a customer will leave a review on.

Here’s an example of a template you could use as a starting point:

Hello [Customer Name],

It was a pleasure working with you on your project. Thank you for your business!

Online reviews from awesome customers like you help others to feel confident about choosing [the business name], and will really help us grow our business. Could you take 60 seconds to leave us a review on [review site]? Here’s a direct link: [direct link].

Wondering what to write about?

The best reviews offer a wealth of detail, and a helpful tip or two, for others considering our services. Here are some questions that should give you some ideas about what to write:

  • What service did we complete for you?
  • Which location did you have this service at? (That might help you get your city name into the review.)
  • How did we do?
  • What do you like about working with us?
  • Have you tried any other products or services?
  • Did you work with any specific people you’d like to mention?
  • How do we compare to other services you’ve tried?
  • Are there any tips you would offer others about our business?

I would really appreciate your review. The more detail you can provide, the better, but we’d love a shortened punchy review just as well if you’re short on time or inspiration. Thank you in advance for helping us out.

[Your Name]

Email Signature

5) Diversify Your Reviews

Google reviews should definitely be on the top of your list, however, depending on what industry your business operates in, there are likely many other options in your market that will have a direct impact on your business.

To figure out which sites you should be targeting after Google, you should:

  • Find out which sites rank well when you search your own targeted keywords. You can diversify by looking at what sites are ranking well when you do some keyword searches because Google views the sites that show up in these search results as authoritative.

Let’s look at an example, say you’re a therapist in Portland:

  1. Search “Portland therapist
  2. Take a look at the top sites that are not competitors, and target those sites.

  • Another way to find review diversification opportunities is to complete branded searches for your business. The results are going to include your knowledge panel and a whole bunch of other sites. These are the sites that Google wants to show users, so you should be targeting these sites for review as well.

  • Don’t just stop at your own brand, take it a step further and look at your competitors and see what other sites are showing up.

6) Use software to grow your reviews.

There are a number of software systems on the market that can help with automating the review ask process through email/SMS and can provide detailed monitoring and reporting. This kind of setup is ideal for high-volume retail businesses that can’t do a personal ask.


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