How to Use a Custom Phone Number While Job Hunting

The general rule used to be that if you sent out one hundred resumes, you would receive ten interviews and from those ten interviews you would receive one job offer.

I’m not entirely sure that’s true any more as the tactics that people use to find employment and ultimately their dream career has shifted dramatically over the past few decades.

While it is still as much about what you know as who you know, one thing is certain if you’re a job seeker, it is critical that you stand out as a candidate. Be it through your skills or your personal/professional relationship, being more memorable than the other candidates is the key to finding the job you want.

While the hiring process is likely to differ based on the industry and position available, being a memorable candidate is going to put you on the shortlist for any job vacancy and potentially on the fast track to a long and profitable career at the company hiring.

So what is the best way to stand out? Fire the headhunter and don’t renew your website! Get creative with your resume and portfolio with a custom phone number from RingBoost and start standing out in the job hunting process.

By setting up a phone number exclusively for your job search, you’ll leave an impression and get some valuable data in the process.

Selecting a Custom Phone Number
Not sure what custom phone number is right for your job search? Learn how to find the right, custom phone number for you. RingBoost has hundreds of thousands of phone numbers to choose from but it is important that you select an option that either showcases your expertise or interests, or which matches the area in which you are trying to get hired. Choose a phone word (1-800-Find-Job) or an easy-dial number and your resume’s contact information is sure to pop off the page.

Identifying the Right Message
The best advice you’ll ever get about anything is applicable here too - just be yourself! Using a custom local or vanity phone number from RingBoost gives you the ability to record messages that are unique to you and customized to specific types of callers. Say for example that you are applying to jobs for both sales and operations. Set up an extension that directs callers to the right area and leave a custom message for those employers looking to fill a specific role and information on why you are the best candidate.

Creating a Memorable Experience
If you use a custom phone number while job hunting, you are going to stand out. If you’re looking for an added edge, here’s another idea - why not set up a way for callers to hear reviews from past colleagues or employers? Hearing the voice of others who have worked closely with you is truly memorable and can help you establish credibility with prospective employers.

The Reply Process

The beauty of RingBoosts platform is that not only can you secure a memorable, easy to dial number that conveys the essence of who you are, but it can also help you in managing the communication with those who have taken the time to call. If they leave a message, for example, you could potentially receive a text message notifying you of that new caller and even get their voicemail transcribed and sent to your email.

Measuring Performance
The beauty of using a custom phone number from RingBoost is that performance is at the center of this experience. You’ll be able to see the number of inbound calls that were received, how long each call lasted and even which extensions received the most activity. That data can be used to refine your resume and the pitch you make to companies about employment.

Stand Out In Your Job Search
Start your search for a custom phone number to be used in your job search today or contact our friendly and knowledgeable call team at 1-877-RINGBOOST to learn more about getting started

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