Ideas and Tips for Finding a Great Vanity Number

It's well established in these pages that finding a memorable phone number is a must for your marketing strategy. But coming up with vanity number ideas to fuel your search? That's not such a no-brainer! 

RingBoost's extensive inventory of numbers provides a huge advantage for our customers, but you still need to know where to start. Today we'll look at a few ways you can use your current marketing tactics and objectives to pick the perfect number for your business

What is a vanity phone number? 

In simplest terms, a vanity number is a phone number customized by the user, to make it easy to call and remember. Some vanity numbers achieve this by using a simple word or phrase in lieu of numbers. Others use patterns and repetition for easy dialing and enhanced memorability. Some famous examples of vanity numbers include 1-800-GOT-JUNK and 1-800-888-8888. 

Why do businesses buy vanity numbers?

Vanity phone numbers are ubiquitous marketing tools, because they consistently prove themselves to be a savvy investment.  A well-placed memorable phone number comes with benefits for small and large businesses alike. 

  • Memorability is the key benefit to purchasing a custom phone number. A memorable vanity number gives your brand a competitive advantage over one with a traditional randomized phone number.
  • Boosting inbound calls and conversions
  • Building brand awareness
  • Enhances the customer experience
  • Enables word-of-mouth referrals

Tips for Finding an Unforgettable Vanity Phone Number

The best vanity phone numbers are the ones your customers can easily recall whenever they need to. Simplify your search with a few easy tactics.

Be Specific

Great vanity numbers communicate who you are and what you do with a clear and concise message. Before you start your search for a vanity number, consider these two specifics:

  • Can you incorporate the name of your business?
  • Can you incorporate a message that communicates what you do?

If your company name is unavailable or doesn’t work well, your choice of number should communicate clearly and efficiently what your business is about.

Get Creative

If your first choice vanity isn't available, you’ll need to widen your search. Many industries are highly competitive so prime vanity numbers may already be spoken for. Finding your perfect fit may require a little creativity on your part. 

Make a list of words that cover the main areas associated with your business. Use that list to restart your search from another angle. You can search by keyword or browse through phone numbers related to your industry for inspiration. 

Consider value

Vanity phone numbers are hot and limited assets (especially if you’re looking for an exhausted area code). As a result, some businesses end up paying premium prices for their custom digits. Working with a quality phone number broker can help you find a choice number at a price that works for you.

RingBoost gives you access to the largest inventory of available vanity numbers on the market, with plans and value added features to fit every budget.

Make it simple and memorable

The key to enhancing memorability is simplicity. Your phone number should be the least complicated method for a caller to connect to your business. As you select your vanity number, focus on those that are simple to say and quickly committed to memory. Think about the numbers that you remember on billboards and TV ads and why they stuck in your mind.

Callers find it easiest to recall and dial phone numbers that are:

  • Linear (4,5,6,7) 
  • Repetitive (555, 5050 or 5000)
  • Short, easy to spell words or phrases

How to come up with your own vanity number ideas

With so many potential phone number options, knowing how to generate some good ideas will make the step-by-step process of finding a great number a whole lot easier. 

1. Assess your business goals and brand identity

Ultimately, your choice of phone number should align with your brand strategy for maximum value. Some simple ways of making sure your phone number reinforces your brand are:

  • Opting for a number that says what you do, instead of your company name. This is especially true if you’re just starting to build your brand name.
  • Target your ideal audience. Even the most memorable number will be less effective if it isn’t well received by its intended audience.
  • Consider a number that doubles as a call-to-action. A clear call to action is a must in any marketing campaign. Make the most out of your vanity number by designing it to double as a call to action.

2. Evaluate what type of phone number you need

Both of the main types of vanity numbers have their advantages. But depending on your branding goals, one type of number may be better suited for your needs over the other.

Your two main options are:

Toll Free

These classic prefixes (800, 888, 883, etc.) are a nationwide branding opportunity that will connect your businesses to audiences near and far. Toll free numbers are great for inspiring a sense of establishment and trust in customers.


Local numbers carry unique area codes tied to specific geographic locations. They’re great for showcasing your physical location, and breaking into new markets. 

Many modern customers prefer to keep their business local and having a recognizable area code will bring those customers to your services.

3. Browse through the largest online database of available numbers

Using RingBoost’s searchable database of available phone numbers gives you access to an inventory of millions of local and toll free numbers to choose from.

RingBoost lets you browse by category or search by:

  • Keyword
  • Area code
  • State

4. Refine your list of ideas

Once you have a list of viable options in hand, it’s time to narrow it down to the winners. This will depend on availability, so keep some alternates handy. 

It’s important to be clear on your specific needs to avoid getting talked into buying a phone number that doesn’t fully meet them. Asking for feedback and opinions can offer you a non-biased perspective.

5. Get expert advice and feedback

When it comes to getting pro support, RingBoost’s sales team is proud to offer omnichannel US-based assistance to help business owners refine their ideas and find a great phone number as efficiently as possible. Connecting you to the best possible custom number is our speciality and we’re happy to help.

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