What Are Repeater Numbers?

Much like the Transformers that many of us remember from the eighties, there's more to memorable numbers than meets the eye! The numbers in our database come in all different types, one of which is the repeater number.

Repeater numbers are a special kind of vanity number, made memorable by the sequence of their digits, rather than using a word of phrase that is easy to recall. They are a popular alternative to our word-based options, especially when your business cannot decide on a suitable brand term or simply prefers to stick with digits.

The science behind vanity numbers can be complicated, but the results are clear: give your number a mental hook and customers will call more often.

Repeater Number - 469-333-3333

How Repeater Numbers Achieve Results

To encourage that outcome of customers calling more regularly and new leads being generated as a result, repeater numbers limit the digits that your customers need to remember.

They use the same number of digits included in your regular phone number, but repeat them to limit the variation and set them in a sequence that potential customers do not have to work hard to recall. That sequence is enough to create the kind of memory hook that commits your contact details to long-term memory, rather than its short-term sibling which is far less reliable.

Those sequences can mean all one number for the final seven digits, the same number for the final four digits, alternating numbers in XXYY or XYXY form, or those that use repeating zeros to create a thousand or million style number.

Take a look at the following examples to see what we mean:

  • As shown in the legal marketing number above, the local area code is already familiar and 333-3333 makes it easy to recall the rest of the digits used by Biederman and Burleson.
  • In New York City, a business could use final four XYXY number and give customers only three different numbers to remember, in an easy sequence to recall.
  • Out in Los Angeles, a business using 213-800-8888 would stand out with three memorable number sets: the familiar 213 area code, the easy association of an 800 number, and the four XXXX repeater digits that flow naturally with all eights.

Consider the science behind number recall and it is easy to see why repeater numbers work so well.

When customers come to need a service that they use on an irregular basis and may not have entered the number, or even the company name, into their phone memory, it's the company that makes it easy to commit their number to our internal memory bank that wins the repeat business.

Dial 7 ad

A further example is Dial 7 cabs in New York City, who love their repeater number so much that they built a brand on it! This number is a prime example of how even a custom number that doesn't form a word can be made far more memorable and will bring the benefit of repeat customers to your business. It really is as simple as 1-2-3... or seven 7s, in this case!

To reserve a repeater number of your own, search our database of local easy dials and industry vanity numbers.

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