Influencer Marketing 101: You Need a Vanity Number

We know being an influencer is hard work. It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to be able to keep up with the latest trends and share them with thousands of passionate fans. Not only that, but it’s important to stay connected with those fans in a meaningful and authentic way. After all, to remain a top influencer, you have to nurture those online relationships and stay in tune with what’s important to the people who follow you.  So what’s an influencer to do when they can’t stay in constant correspondence with their followers? For that matter, how do other celebrities and tastemakers assure they are leaving a positive, lasting impression on those who adore them?  Build your influencer-fan relationship with a custom phone number to represent your brand with originality. But how exactly? So glad you asked. Here are some easy ways you can use a vanity phone number to your advantage. 

Campaign / Promotion - Running a special promotion for a product? Doing a campaign around a big event, festival, or premiere? Give your fans and followers easy access to your information with a custom phone number, where you can leave a personal greeting to share specific details they might need. You can also utilize SMS technology to create lasting impressions and compelling special offers. Coupon codes and one-off promo codes are a dime a dozen. Create a custom phone number and you'll not only have an easy way for your fans and followers to reach out directly, but you'll make their experience more memorable too.   

Personalized Communication - When it comes to personalizing a greeting, sharing information isn’t the only way to connect with your fan base. Communicating with your fans and followers through an app, email, or social media can be an impersonal experience, possibly leaving your followers wondering if it’s even you they’re interacting with! Personalized communication via a custom phone number is a great way to foster more meaningful relationships with your audience, and that level of authenticity can go a long way. Speaking of personalization, the sky’s the limit as to what you can choose for your own unique phone number. Try something speaks to your personality (1-855-MAGIC-MAN), your interests (1-855-ASK-CHEF), or your niche (1-866-SLIMETIME). Whatever you choose, be sure to make it memorable and make it personal. 

Content Creation - Whether you’re a social media influencer, celebrity, sports star, musician, or just a pro in your niche, you’re likely always on the lookout for ideas for making great content. Set up a vanity phone number and use your answering service as a way to collect ideas, opinions, pitches, or even sound bites to fuel your creativity. When you turn things over to your fans, who knows what could happen! 

Making Yourself Memorable - One of the key advantages of a vanity or custom phone number is that it is easy to remember. When someone is scrolling through their Instagram feed, using a memorable vanity phone number can be a great way to make them stop and take a new action, ultimately making them more invested in what you have to say. 

Exclusive Engagement - It’s great to give your fans a direct line to you for communication, content ideas, or for their chance at participation, but there’s one additional way influencers and digital celebrities can engage with their followers as well-- by getting honest and open feedback. What better way to receive that than through a voicemail or text message? Give your fans what they really want when you’re able to take their comments, questions, and opinions into consideration. It might just make you a better, more engaging influencer. 

Do Better Business - At the end of the day, being an influencer is how you make your living, so it makes sense to separate your business from your life. Having a vanity or custom phone number is a great way to keep those things separate. It's good to have a way for people to reach you that isn't intrusive into your personal life. After all, every business has a business line. With RingBoost, you don't have to give out your personal number, and you can even choose a call-forwarding plan that allows you to schedule when calls can be received by your device, or when they go to a voicemail or answering service.  Having a dedicated business line is also a great way to attract partners. Having an exclusive number dedicated for business prospects can help you assure potentially lucrative partnerships don't get lost in your DM's!  What are some creative ways you might be able to use a custom or vanity phone number to make an impact with your fans and followers?    Any questions? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable support team to discover how phone numbers are relevant to you and how you can start using a toll-free vanity or easy-dial phone number today.

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