3 Examples of Outstanding July 4th Marketing

Happy 4th of July from everyone at RingBoost!4th-of-july-ringboost To combine our two loves of holiday celebration and creating memorable campaigns, here are three quick examples of outstanding July 4th marketing! 

1-800-Flowers Turns Its Insta Feed Red, White, and Blue

As one of the most visible brands built on an 800 number, we like to follow what 1800 Flowers is up to in terms of promotional campaigns and web presence. The brand understands the importance of visual social media like Instagram and Pinterest, where it shares beautiful collections of flowers and gifts. 1800-flowers-july-4th-marketing Happily, plants provide the ideal product to work with if you want to create a visually striking - and even patriotic - holiday promotion! For its July 4th marketing, 1800 Flowers chose to go all in on red, white, and blue, creating flags from flowers and sharing beautiful gift baskets that would enhance any Independence Day celebration.  How could you integrate what you sell into an unforgettable-looking holiday promotion?Fly Charleston Offers a Holiday Event

For some companies, it's possible to combine what you offer with the celebration of an event. That's the case with Fly Charleston's July 4th marketing campaign, which sounds like an unforgettable way to spend the holiday! Fly-Charleston-July-4th-marketing If the name of this brand feels familiar, it's probably because we celebrated the company and its great number, 833-4-BANNER, in a Friday's Finest article earlier this year. You'll notice that Fly Charleston is using another custom toll-free number, 833-444-TOUR, in this promotion. Bonus points here for using different numbers to track and analyze results across specific campaigns! Could your brand hold a relevant event or offer a specific service to celebrate an upcoming holiday?Dodge Brings Fast & Furious to Fireworks

You don't always have to explain who you are and what you do... sometimes its enough to use sights and sounds to encapsulate a brand, as Dodge shows in this evocative video celebrating Independence Day. It's loud, proud, and unapologetically American.

Dodge is already a quintessentially American brand, at least when it comes to muscle cars, so setting its flagship vehicle alongside the obligatory holiday fireworks makes this a strong example of July 4th marketing. How would you communicate your core brand promise without using text or talking? Much like the USA, a brand is more than its history or the individuals who created it. It is as much about the feelings and emotions that are evoked as it is the facts and figures associated with its success. Enjoy your holiday break and, when you return to work, take some time to consider these examples of July 4th marketing and what it will take to bring your brand to the next level this summer. Happy 4th! [search-tag]

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