Make the 'Call' for Positive Goals in 2020

Goal setting doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, setting some positive goals right at the beginning of the year is a great way to stay on top of things and measure your progression in attaining those goals. Here at RingBoost, we know it’s important to keep yourself accountable, so we’re here to offer a few suggestions of ways you can use a vanity phone number to help maintain your focus on your goals. continues below...


Goals for Small Businesses

Increase Your Leads - Whether you run a restaurant or a small law firm, increasing the number of leads you get should always be a goal you’re working toward. A great way to get potential clients to get in touch with you is by securing a memorable vanity phone number and using it on your promotional materials and ads to drive direct calls. Have Great Customer Service - Good customer service is a valuable thing for any business to have, but GREAT customer service is something that will keep customers coming back. Make yourself and/or your staff accessible to customer feedback by providing an exclusive and easy-to-remember custom phone number JUST for communicating with customers and their feedback. Take it Easy! - You worked your tail off last year, so maybe use 2020 to take care of yourself and give yourself a vacation. While you’re away from your business, utilize a vanity phone number with a recorded message so that you won’t miss any potential leads or opportunities.

Goals for Entrepreneurs

Do More Networking - For entrepreneurs, networking is crucial. Talking shop, shaking hands, and buying cocktails is only part of it, though. It takes follow through to make a networking event worth it. Make yourself more memorable at those events by handing out a business card with your own name (or business/brand/area of focus) so others will be sure to reach out without a second thought. Build Your Personal Brand - Personal branding is another important aspect of entrepreneurship. You can have your own logo, style, title, email address, website, Twitter page, etc. etc., but having a vanity phone number will help you stand head and shoulders above the competition. Improve Your Communication Skills - What better way to hone in on your communication skills than by talking to strangers on the phone? Give out your RingBoost custom phone number to anyone who may want to give you a call, then sit back and wait for the calls to start pouring in. Use the opportunity to hone your communication skills and be better at what you do… no matter what that is.

Goals for Professional Development

Ask for Feedback - You chat with your co-workers on a daily basis, but what deeper understanding of yourself will you ever get from just water-cooler chats? Ask the people you know to deliver some honest feedback by calling a custom phone number and leaving you a message with what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better. Teach Someone - Take a break from your normal duties and use some of your skills to share with others. There’s something you’re better at than anyone else. Figure out that thing and start tutoring others, and you’ll be surprised at how much you actually know. Snatch up a professional custom phone number and give classes out of your local community center, or even do it in your home. You can even set up a RingBoost vanity phone line and conduct your tutelage over the phone. Get a Partner - In the spirit of accountability, sometimes it takes our close friends, family and coworkers to keep us honest with ourselves and one another. Despite your profession, you can create partnerships in any working environment. Want to hold one another accountable, even during the time you’re not around each other? Use a custom phone number to send one another positive, reaffirming words, or just shoot the breeze to get ideas out of your head and onto a page. 2020 is going to be your year, we can tell already. But just make sure you’re keeping yourself accountable and let others help in that process. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and other working professionals can all surely benefit from some accountability, and RingBoost is here to help you with more great ideas all year long.

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