Marketing News Digest: January 2018

The winter months often feel like a drag, but the marketing news still seems to fly by! If you've missed any of the headlines from around our industry during January, this digest is for you. Our monthly review gathers all of the important news items we’ve shared in recent weeks and summarizes them in an easily digestible format. Put your feet up (work surface permitting) and take a look at the latest news and views, then let us know if there's anything you'd like to see in our future updates. marketing-news-january-2018Marketing News: January 2018

Here are some of the headlines you might have missed last month:

  • Algorithm Adjustments: Facebook attracted headlines for all the wrong reasons last year, often involving fake news, inappropriate ads, and unwanted experiments. 2018 will see all that addressed with apocalyptic upheaval for business pages, if you believe the hype, as the company tweaks its newsfeed algorithm to show more of the personal and less of the professional. Unless you pay them, of course.
  • Promotions and Predictions: The start of the year is a time to gaze out over the next twelve months and try to figure out what will happen in your industry. The world of advertising and marketing is no exception, which is why we're sure these suggestions from Entrepreneur magazine will be of interest.
  • Fake Follower Alert: The New York Times revealed just how perilous it can be for businesses trying to allocate value to social media marketing campaigns. The paper's article entitled 'Follower Factory' is a must-read for anyone in the industry who would prefer not to spend valuable marketing dollars on bots and non-existent audiences. That would be all of us!
  • Send Us Your Best: We opened up our platform to marketers who know how to make the most of unforgettable phone numbers. If you've used a custom number to win new business, send your examples to [email protected] so that we can share them with the world!


  • Increase Your Outreach: Autopilot provided some useful data for any business conducting a survey, with several ways to increase response rates. If you weren't planning to ask any questions of your customers this year, consider this: Zendesk found that 82% of consumers will leave brands with poor customer service, while a similar amount will pay up to 25% more when their experience is positive. Isn't that worth a little outreach?
  • Will Anyone Answer?: Sticking with Zendesk, the customer service experts also posted some important debrief lessons for retailers from the 2017 holiday season. A swift initial response is one of the main takeaways and should be even more important this year, as chatbots and instant message service questions become the norm.
  • Satisfied Customers Synonymous with Success: That's the relatively unsurprising finding unveiled by the American Marketing Association, although there are some useful insights on how to use the Drucker Institute's five-dimensional model of corporate effectiveness.
  • Influencer ChannelsThe Number for Success in 2018: The tech experts at TG Daily provided an outside take on a marketing tool that we, of course, consider indispensable: toll free numbers. Brand markers, ease of use, and better customer experience are just a few of the reasons they offer for having a memorable toll free number in 2018.
  • Anticipating the Ads of Super Bowl LII: The annual flurry of pre-release promotional snippets and advertising intrigue stirred up again as the month came to a close, with Super Bowl 52 ads from 20 companies getting the preview treatment. Early analysis here suggests that Tide came out on top, which is likely to be a welcome break from having to tell teenagers not to eat their products.

That's all for the first month of the year. Join us in March, when we'll have all of February's finest headlines for your professional perusal! In the meantime, you can always find us on Facebook or check out our Twitter feed for current news and views. 

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