Marketing News Digest: November 2017

With the seasonal rush and last-minute holiday planning, it's fair to say that few business owners have time for marketing news in November. If you failed to keep pace with the latest news and views on advertising, branding, and other promotions last month, we have you covered as always. Our monthly digest gives you the important headlines, as well as the original links for further reading, all wrapped up in one package as befits a near-Christmas edition! marketing-news-nov-2017Marketing News: November 2017

Here are some of the headlines that you might have missed last month:

  • Singles Day Signals E-commerce to Come: Even before Black Friday, online shopping was rampant. Singles Day, a massive online sales event in China, broke retail records on November 11th. It also showed us the way forward for e-commerce marketing, as mobile traffic managed a 61% jump over last year, among the many increases recorded that day.
  • Local Businesses Get In On Sales Season: The Thanksgiving holiday has continued to expand as a celebration of retail, physical and digital, as the economy has recovered. Whatever you think of the ever-expanding sales season, it's great to see local retailers getting in on the act with Small Business Saturday, which continued to attract attention and sales success this year.
  • Blockchain Could Be Big for Business: Most blockchain conversations revolve around Bitcoin and other digital currencies, but the American Marketing Association (AMA) wants us to consider the technology from a promotional perspective. Their initial dive into potential Blockchain applications for marketers should help to prime the pump.
  • Animate While You Navigate: Videos are coming to Google Maps and, as we all know, video content is a marketing trend you can't ignore. The feature is only in the rollout stage for the moment, but it offers one more reason to add recording brand video to your 2018 marketing plan.
  • Facebook Thinks Global, Acts Local: A new app from the global social network focuses on local businesses, particularly in the food and entertainment category. As with anything that Facebook does, marketers and owners should stay up to date and think about how you can use this tool for your business.
  • Brevity Gets Bigger on Twitter: The consistently-questioned social network that was built on brief 140-character messaging doubled its post length last month but, as usual, not everyone is convinced it can save a company that still hasn't figured out a compelling way to sell advertising.
  • It's Time for Trends: No matter how much you want to focus on the holidays and fuel seasonal sales, every business has one eye on the New Year and what adjustments should be made to the company's marketing strategy. You'll be knee-deep in those posts as December progresses, so here's Entrepreneur's broad look at marketing trends for 2018 to get you started.
  • And Don't Forget the Annual Reviews: It wouldn't be the end of the year without a recap of the important brand events of the past twelve months. Here's Marketing Week's take on 2017 and what it means for marketers.

That's all for another month. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest marketing news and views. Let us know if you’d like to see anything else in these monthly updates. We’re always eager to add useful content that makes it easier to market your business!

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