Achieve Maximum Content Velocity with Video Marketing

Not so long ago it was broadcast television and radio that ruled the marketing roost. Now it's online visibility that wins most of the marketing attention, but that hasn't detracted from the importance of video. In fact, the latest trend suggests that video marketing is cementing its position as a primary promotional channel.  Research from Cisco confirms this importance. Video web content makes up around 70 percent of all online traffic right now, with that figure set to rise to more than 80 percent as we approach 2020. Bandwidth has expanded, every device can now provide a smooth streaming experience, and some providers are even including unlimited data for popular video platforms. eye on multiple screens

In With the Old

Video marketing isn't anything new. Commercials have been a staple of promoting businesses at every level for decades, from the biggest Superbowl spots to the late-night ads offered on local networks. The difference today is that digital marketing demands entertaining video content, rather than commercials.  That's not to say that companies can no longer use video for direct sales campaigns online, but those videos are going to get significantly fewer views than content that informs and entertains. Unless you pay for the privilege of reach and views, video content that helps your potential customer is going to be more profitable in the long-term than something that sells them. Some companies feel that video is expensive and complicated to create. That's an argument that rings hollow when Apple is promoting iPhone users as unwitting directors and more than three-quarters of the population carries a mobile device, many of which are capable of HD video recording. Furthermore, some companies find that informal DIY-style videos are what customers find most  compelling, so there really is no reason not to start experimenting. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="684"]TNT-SHOW media vanity number Video also provides a branding opportunity, such as reminding viewers how to contact you with a memorable vanity number.[/caption] With more subtle marketing tools like versatile vanity numbers and a unique URL, which can easily be inserted as a quiet reminder of where the customer can learn more, video marketing can offer you the best of both worlds in terms of engaging content that still builds our brand. [search-tag]

Take a Chance on Video Marketing... Now!

In the same way that mobile dominated the marketing headlines for years before companies invested significantly in adapting content for smartphones and tablets, all-encompassing video campaigns will take some time to catch on with everyone. Just as early mobile marketers gained an edge over competitors, a window of opportunity exists here for companies willing to experiment with video marketing content. This is a marketing trend gathering momentum, but which has yet to achieve maximum velocity. It's far enough along to know that it will soon be the new norm, yet still early enough to have a low cost of entry. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are all setting up to make video content the center of our streams and newsfeeds. Despite this, many companies aren't taking them up on the extra coverage and organic reach that this prioritization of video provides. Any investment you make to create video content will be offset, initially at least, by spending less on paid social, such as post promotions and sponsored content. Much of the struggle with social networks comes from getting into the newsfeed in the first place. Your company's content is up against friends, family, and the individual interest pages of every potential customer, so you need to take any edge you can get to appear among those more personal updates. Video content catches the eye, is engaging, and the social platforms you use already are committed to getting it in front of their users. That offers a direct organic channel to your customers that will also build your brand, providing you're able to create the kind of video informs or entertains, and which uses the right marketing tools to make the most of the increased attention.

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