The Perfect Vanity Phone Number for Every Sign

Billboards, out of home ads, digital signage…. No matter how you phrase it this form of advertising we see driving on the highway, walking through Times Square, or on the train to work is more impactful than ever before.

According to a 2019 study by Nielson, “An average of $5.97 is generated in sales, for each dollar spent on OOH advertising” When implemented correctly, billboards, and digital signage has the ability to drive more sales than traditional media.

The Key To An Effective Billboard

Anyone can throw up an ad on a billboard and call it a day, but not everyone knows how to turn that billboard into a successful ad campaign. It takes more than just picking the right location to entice consumers to take action. The key to driving sales boils down to four key elements; a powerful image, easy to read font, concise copy, and memorable contact information.

Select a Powerful Image

Billboards are visual in nature, spanning dozens of feet across the sky they are there to catch your attention, so make sure your photo does the job. It should be an image that breaks through the clutter directing the consumers’ attention away from all other distractions, and right to your advertisement.

Choose an Easy To Read Font

Half the battle of capturing the attention of bypassers is making sure they can read the content with ease. If any effort or squinting is required just to figure out what the billboard says, then odds are the consumer will simply move on. Keep the font large, and choose a style and color that stands out.

Keep the Copy Concise

Visual advertisements are never the time and place to tell your story through paragraphs of text. Save the wordy explanations for the website landing page. Any text on a billboard or digital signage should be six words or less. Any more and it becomes too much to read while passing by.

Make The Contact Information Memorable

You have little to no time to capture the attention of those passing a billboard advertisement. They might look at it for a few seconds before going on with their day. There is no time to flood them with information the consumer is unlikely to remember. These days we can’t even remember our family’s phone numbers, much less a random set of contact numbers on a billboard we looked at for 5 seconds.

Capitalize on every opportunity to become memorable in the eyes of your audience and scrap the traditional phone numbers. Instead, opt for a vanity phone number that’s easy for anyone to remember. Studies show that Ads with vanity numbers outperformed those with generic numbers by 33%, meaning it's a no brainer to make the switch.

Get Your Vanity Phone Number Today!

Vanity phone numbers are seen to be particularly trustworthy when used for billboard advertising, as Users are 3 to 4 times more willing to contact a company with a vanity number. Why waste anymore time losing out on potential sales, when you could be bringing in twice as many leads by simply switching to a vanity phone number. Contact Ringboost today to lock in the perfect vanity phone number for your billboard.

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