How Time Warner Cable Leverages Versatile Vanity Numbers

If you watch network television in the tri-state area with any regularity, you've probably seen ads for Time Warner Cable, the cable-telecoms giant more commonly known as TWC. Vanity number nerds that we are, we just have to note the prominent use of 1-855-WANT-TWC as a primary call to action used to attract new subscribers. It covers all of the memorable marketing tips that we love: simple, easy to recall, and with a strong instruction to viewers. Dig deeper, though, and you'll see TWC employing vanity numbers for many different uses, not all of them marketing-related. [caption id="attachment_2192" align="aligncenter" width="418"]time warner building nyc Time Warner Center, New York City -- Image Credit: Wikimedia[/caption] 

Customer Service or Marketing, Vanity Numbers Are Versatile

While we primarily recommend vanity numbers as an important part of your marketing mix, they can also serve a number of other purposes. Vanity numbers are versatile business tools for customer service, lead tracking, and other functions that benefit your business. Time Warner Cable focuses heavily on the customer service angle. Time Warner Cable Vanity Number Their technical support line uses 1-800-TWC-HELP, an easy and memorable number for any customers in need of help but unable to get online (which may be exactly what they're calling to get help with!) Another number specifically for cable customers uses 1-800-TWCABLE to connect customers with the assistance they need. As well as being smart numbers that provide customers with a memorable way to get in touch when they have a question, you'll notice that these are also toll free so that the customer is not charged to get this help. Vanity numbers are versatile enough to be tracked too, which means that a company can use many different numbers to measure call volume to different business functions. This is especially useful when an organization has as many products and service departments as Time Warner Cable. How could your business use a vanity number? Try a quick search of our memorable phone number database and see how quickly the ideas spring to mind!

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