Top Reasons to Change Your Personal Number

The most common reason people make a change to a new phone number is because:

  1. Avoid unwanted phone calls
  2. Recent change of jobs
  3. Relocation
  4. Work-life balance
  5. And of course... to enhance marketing campaigns and boost inbound call volume

Change Phone Number Tips

The most common reason people make a change to a new phone number is because they are hiding from some individual they no longer want to communicate with - or worse, someone they are being stalked or harassed by. While there are better ways to ensure your safety and security (like calling the authorities/police), changing your phone number is relatively quick (taking minutes or hours in most cases). But there are other reasons, too.

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If you have had your number for a long period of time, it’s likely that your information is available to hundreds of companies, those who buy and sell information with regularity. If you’re sick and tired of “nuisance” calls and being pitched business offers from telemarketing agents around the world, changing your phone number is a relatively easy way to eliminate the inconvenience.

A less common, but still frequent reason that people change their number is because they’ve changed jobs. Some careers require that you share your personal information as you’re “on call’ with regularity and never bothered to set up a number that can be used only in professional, business situations. A similar reason that people are changing their phone number is because they are moving to a new location (city or state). While it is common for people to just keep their old number as they move into a new area, a new number in a new place provides a fresh start - but you'll still have to go through the process of updating all critical records (see below).

If you phone number is similar to another persons’, you may find that changing your phone number is a quick way to end those awkward “wrong number” calls and texts. Phones are an integral part of the communication experience but if you’re wasting valuable time explaining to people that you don’t know the person the caller is looking for it is best to start thinking about changing numbers.

Before - and After - the Phone Number Change Most people are intimidated by the idea of changing their phone number. Fortunately, by taking just a few simple steps you will eliminate any hassle that might arise and be able to start using your new, better phone number immediately. Perhaps the most important thing to do is to update any contact information including any lending institutions including student loans, mortgage lending lenders and auto financiers, as well as credit card companies and investment accounts. With your contact information at important financial institutions up-to-date, you can move on to update other, lesser, but still important providers to make sure they have your correct contact information. This will include utility and cable providers for example. While not absolutely necessary that you notify them of a change in contact information, you’ll find that doing so makes any future communication that much easier. The final notification you’ll have to make is to the contacts you want to keep. In most cases, you will be using the same phone, and all of the data is stored locally. You can go quickly through your most active contacts and send them a text to let them know of the change. If you do need to change phones, most carriers enable you to export your existing list of contact (many make available mobile apps to do the bulk of the digital work.) You should still go through the list and eliminate any that you no longer want to keep. Make a special, separate list of emergency contact numbers and notify them first that your phone number has changed, and then go from there.

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