How Uber (and Other Apps) Advance the Brand with a Custom Number

As Google recently confirmed, we're now in a mobile-first world.

From product purchases to online advertising and beyond, consumers typically turn to their mobile device more often than any other digital channel. Organizing marketing campaigns and customer service for an on-the-go audience is complicated. Nonetheless, for organizations at every level, now is the time to make it happen. What's often overlooked with this digital-focused objective is the need for alternative ways to connect with a company when the online options aren't quite right. Popular rideshare app Uber and others know this, which is why you might be surprised to learn that many of them offer toll-free vanity numbers to help customers out of a jam. Vanity Numbers in Action: Uber Phone NumberWhen Apps Aren't Enough

There's no question that the majority of Uber riders open the app as their first interaction with the company. It's the bedrock if their business and one of the main reasons they've become so successful. That being said, there are always times when issues arise and options in the app simply don't cut it. That's when many customers prefer to call. For those times, Uber's toll-free vanity number, 1-800-353-UBER, provides a resource for customers to find further assistance. Furthermore, it's not just taxi cab apps taking advantage of a memorable number. Vehicle share service Zipcar also offers a toll-free customer service number. 1-866-4-ZIPCAR is prominently displayed on every card carried by members, as well as around the company's website. It provides an easy way to recall the company's contact number when a data connection is unavailable or inconvenient. Off the roads and onto the digital highways, Google is also getting involved. Now that the search giant is branching out into retail sales with its "Made by Google" brand, the Google Store also offers a toll-free 800 number to encourage customers to connect. That could be a nudge it picked up from Apple, the world's most valuable brand, which has used its custom number 1-800-MY-APPLE for years. The tech giant also uses 800-APL-CARE for its Mac and iPad support, while 800-MY-IPHONE provides a separate line for its mobile customers. Each of these numbers provides a different channel for the company's distinct customer segments, through which all of them can receive the specific answers they need, when they need them. 800 MY APPLEEveryone Needs a Memorable Number

When it comes down to it, even the most modern technology brands need a number that there customers can remember and recall when they need it most. That applies even to companies whose existence is rooted in the app, like Uber, or those who live by their algorithms, like Google. There are some circumstances where only a call will get the job done. A memorable number helps brands of all sizes and in all business sectors make sure that their customers can connect with them in those moments. [search-tag] To learn more about the many memorable numbers available today, take a look at our listings

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