Vanity Number Lookup Strategies of Smart Marketers

Custom marketing phone numbers have been proven time and again to be a highly effective way to generate more first-time calls, higher quality calls, and improve the volume of referrals.  

Vanity Number Lookup   

So, what makes a great "vanity" phone number? What do regular buyers of these valuable marketing assets know that can guide you when selecting the right number for your business? In many ways, it comes down to two words: being memorable.    When you're driving down the highway or byway, or when you're tuned in to your favorite TV or radio program, phone numbers present an incredible opportunity to help prospects connect with your brand and recall your business. If you can present a memorable ad and provide memorable calls to action you're one step closer to conversion.      Whether that phone number is going to be sung out loud on the radio, shown in television, or seen on a billboard in a high-traffic location, ensuring that it is easy to remember should be a highly important variable in your decision to purchase.   But what makes a memorable vanity phone number? Opinions vary, but for the most part phone words tend to be the most effective for improving recall among consumers, but there are many others that merit consideration.   Since the human brain can only remember between 6 and 9 numbers on average (which is why phone numbers are always grouped into sets) it only makes sense to speak directly to this reality. The following are variations to consider as you begin the vanity number lookup process.   

Single Repeaters: The most memorable of the memorable phone numbers has to be what is referred to as a "single repeater" - the same digital that is repeated. For example, Chicago attorney Glen Lerner uses the highly memorable 708-222-2222. That's a super single repeater and Lerner uses the number in all of his advertising - from television, radio and even digital. While these vanity numbers can be more expensive, there is no denying their potential impact.   

Repeated Pairs: The next best thing to a single repeater is a repeated pair. The human brain craves simplicity and a vanity phone number such as 1-800-555-6677 could prove to be the valuable asset you are looking to add to your marketing mix.   

Double Repeats: What you should remember when you're doing a vanity number lookup is that humans remember (and actually, prefer) "patterns"and "double repeaters" present a terrific opportunity. For example, 800-100-2323.  

Ascending/Descending Runs: While few and far between, consecutive number runs are another highly memorable variation of a marketing phone number that should be considered as a local or vanity number. Ascending numbers go up while descending numbers go down (pretty simple, right?). For example, 1-800-100-1234 (ascending) or 1-800-200-4321.   

Step-Up's & Downs: Simple to ascending/descending runs, step-up's (and step-down's), while a little more complicated to remember/recall, provide a similar aid to brand recall as they provide an almost musical experience when pronounced out loud - 1-800-232-6787.  

Mirrored Digits: Vanity number provide an opportunity to improve recall among consumers, but they also provide an opportunity to stand out and the right number can make all the difference. Phone numbers with mirrored digits, such as 1-866-688-1221, can be both visually appealing and easy to remember.   

RingBoost has over 500,000 phone numbers, so whether you're interested in a single repeater, a double repeat or a phone number with repeated digits, know that there is a phone number perfect for your business that will be memorable for users.  Contact a member of the RingBoost team to find the perfect local or vanity number and make that phone ring!   

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