How to Use Premium Vanity Numbers for Media Companies

We have hundreds of thousands of memorable numbers in our database and, as you would expect, some are more in demand than others. Those that come under the category of "premium vanity numbers" especially so, as they tend to prove more memorable than most. While it's certainly true that every number in our archives can be effectively integrated into your marketing as a branding tool your customers never forget, some premium numbers hit the ground running. The fact that they require minimal effort to integrate while maximizing efficiency across all of your marketing platforms is what makes paying for a premium vanity more compelling. Today, we'll take a look at some example from the world of media and entertainment that make the case for investing a little more in the very best phone number you can find. media company vanity numbers

Premium Vanity Numbers for Media Companies

Media companies know a thing or two about how to stand out; it's their business, after all! Whether broadcast, print, or digital media - or, indeed, all of above - attracting attention and keeping it is the name of the game. That's why so many have big budgets to spend on programming, content, and the ads that sell it. Consider examples from media brands like DIRECTV and Dish Network for starters. The numbers you see below, both clearly branded, are part of a wide and expensive ad campaign designed to grab attention and make them impossible to forget. Cable TV vanity number for media When we talk about branding, it is normal to think of household names. The reality is that every business can build a memorable brand in the digital age, as long as you have the right marketing base as a foundation.  That means using consistently reliable tools like an informative website with a memorable URL, an immediately recognizable visual identity, and an unforgettable contact number - or numbers - that can be rolled out whenever you need them. Media companies understand this, which is why you'll see so many clearly identifiable brands and household names using toll free vanity numbers. What's more, they're not just using them to boost the brand name or emphasize the industry they're in. As you'll see below, many media, communications, and entertainment companies know how to leverage a unique number to communicate a core marketing message or work in a creative call to action.  

Creativity and Credibility with Memorable Media Numbers

The interesting thing that we often see with numbers in this sector especially is that media companies aren't afraid to get creative with their ideas and applications for premium vanity numbers. Brand use is the most common application, as in the cases presented earlier, but you'll also see many different kinds of campaign using a memorable number to connect with customers. An example that we reported on not too long ago was 1-855-5-KEEP-US, which was employed by CBS channel 5 to rally viewers to contact the aforementioned Dish Network. CBS wanted to give customers an easy way to support their campaign to keep broadcasting on Dish during a rates negotiation. They chose this easy-to-remember 855 number to help supporters remember how to call in and make sure that message was heard. Keep CBS vanity number Another similarly competitive example you'll see a lot is the use of a number like 1-800-SWITCH-ME, or numbers like it that include a call to action. These are often inserted into ads that emphasize the disadvantages of a competing media service or which play to the strengths of the advertising brand over their rivals. Used as a bold statement to underscore the core message that it's time to change providers, this is the kind of number that can be used again and again across different campaigns and marketing channels. In terms of credibility, premium vanity numbers still resonate with customers as the sign of a bigger  brand. Pure 800 numbers are obviously the classic customer service example for an established brand, but the many variations that have been added, such as 855 and 888 numbers, also carry that same credibility boost. Some quick examples available now in our database include:
  • 1-855- TV-ANYWHERE, a number with extraordinary reach and potential to be used across many different services, given the mobile nature of television and streaming content.
  • 1-888-WIFI-ADVICE, which has the potential to be used for all kinds of media applications or customer service solutions.
  • 1-877-3D-SOUND, which again could be used across all kinds of products and services, from advertising the audio benefits of TV and/or speakers, to emphasizing the superior sound experience in a movie theater.
  Fortunately, these kinds of premium numbers are still completely affordable on most marketing budgets, so  the decision to make lies in how much you have to spend overall and how you propose to roll out the vanity number into your marketing campaigns. Whatever option a company opts for, as demonstrated by the ubiquitous use by media companies, a premium vanity number will help a brand to stand out from the crowd. Simply put, these numbers are the most memorable way to catch the attention of potential customers and funnel calls away from competitors, into the waiting arms - well, ears really - of your sales team.  
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