What Are Direct Response Tracking Numbers?

Direct response (DR) marketing is the counterpoint to branding strategy. Intended to drive an immediate action from your consumers, such as calling your company or signing up for an online list or offer, this is marketing designed for the moment at hand, rather than your long-term memory. For reasons that will become clear, direct response tracking numbers go hand-in-hand with successful DR marketing campaigns. eye on multiple screens

What is a Direct Response Tracking Number?

Tracking numbers allow your business to monitor the leads generated by the campaigns in which they are used. DR marketing is all about getting potential customers to take action immediately, whether that's signing up for information or buying something from you. That instant action means you know whether or not a marketing message has been a success by asking a simple question: did they do what I wanted them to do?  Direct response tracking numbers help you to understand those that did take action, by telling you where they came from. Better yet, with the right tracking system in place, you'll have key details about your caller, such as where they're located and whether they've called you before. If you're serious about delivering a broad-based DR marketing campaign, using tracking numbers will increase response rates and help you understand the successes and failures of every campaign. Grow Your Business

What Are the Advantages of Using Direct Response Tracking Numbers?

What marketers love about tracking numbers - and direct marketing campaigns in general - is that they make promotions much more measurable. With a unique number tied to every campaign, or even every commercial and different promotional materials, it's easier to assign Some of the benefits of tracking numbers to your business are as follows:
  • Improved lead attribution,
  • Synchronized branding of your contact number and marketing materials,
  • Increased response rates as more consumers remember how to contact you,
  • Clearer calculation of ROI from each channel and campaign,
  • Data-driven decisions lead to improvements with each successive marketing campaign.
[search-tag] When combined with online attribution methods, direct response tracking numbers become even more powerful. As you'll know if you regularly run digital campaigns, tracking code can be placed all over your marketing content, from referral links to landing pages and even individual page buttons. That's all well and good, but without the option to track calls you'll be left with a big gap in your campaign reporting. Tracking numbers close the loop on your  highest-converting lead source, inbound calls. With custom tracking code and custom numbers in place you'll have all the data you need to attribute leads, monitor response rates, and review the success of every completed campaign. DR marketing and direct response tracking numbers work hand-in-hand to make your campaigns a success. Now and for the future, you owe it to yourself to make the most of these powerful custom numbers!

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