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Whether you run a big or small business, reach in marketing plays a crucial role in evaluating the effectiveness of any business strategy. After all, you want to ensure that all the time, effort, and money you’re putting into your brand’s campaigns are paying off. And as a business owner, ensuring you’re getting a solid return on investment (ROI) is crucial.

Reach marketing is key to the success of your business. So, what is reach in marketing, and how can you improve it? You can take advantage of many simple strategies to yield profitable results. Let’s take a closer look.

What is Reach in Marketing? 

Reach in marketing is the number of unique viewers who see your content online. Determining reach is vital to help you discover whether your marketing campaigns are working. But what does reach mean, exactly?

In a digital marketing context, reach factors in views across the following types of content:

  • Social media posts
  • Paid advertising
  • Website content
  • Sponsored content

Reach and impressions, while closely related, represent distinct concepts in marketing. Though they operate in tandem, understanding your impressions is crucial for assessing the comprehensive impact of your marketing endeavors. Don't let their similarities blur their unique significance. 

Reach vs. Impressions

What’s the difference between reach and impressions, and is one more important than the other in digital marketing? Reach measures how many users see your content, whereas impressions measure how often your content is viewed. An impression can account for one person viewing your content or ad multiple times.

Let’s say 1,528 accounts saw your brand’s last Instagram story. That’s an example of how many accounts your business has reached.

Impressions don’t just account for that initial view of your content — they account for multiple views. As such, if your impressions are higher than your reach, people view your content repeatedly. That’s great, as it shows that your content has a lasting impression on current and potential customers.

Now that we’ve covered the basic marketing reach definition, it’s time to move on to more practical considerations. Namely, how do you calculate reach and impressions?

Many platforms will provide these statistics, but not all of them do. In cases where you can’t easily look up these statistics, you can calculate your marketing reach by dividing the total impressions your ad receives by the frequency of ads shown to a single user.

Why Does Reach Matter?

The ultimate goal of marketing is to attract and retain customers, which drives leads and increases sales. Reach advertising can expand your marketing efforts, putting your brand front and center in the eyes of new clientele.

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “time is money.” With all the time and effort you and your team put into your marketing plans, you understandably want to ensure you’re reaching as many customers as possible.

Imagine spending days or even weeks crafting the perfect social media post.

You carefully develop the content and caption and design a colorful, eye-catching image to accompany it. However, after posting it, you find it’s only reached a handful of people. Such data offers insight into your strategy and alerts you that something isn’t working or can be improved to reach more potential customers.

Perfecting your marketing techniques to reach as many customers as possible can take your brand to the next level and put you steps ahead of the competition.

How to Improve Marketing Reach

What is marketing reach good for if you don’t take full advantage of it?

Increasing your marketing reach can expand your brand awareness in your target market. There are always ideal customers out there who haven’t yet discovered your business, so it’s beneficial to boost your brand’s exposure as much as possible. Here are some strategies you can try.

Engage with Current and Potential Customers on Social Media

Social media is a hot-ticket venue for digital marketers (some 67% of online advertisers rely on Facebook), so take advantage of its expansive reach and engagement opportunities. Create an account for your business on various platforms like Facebook and Instagram and make it a point to post useful, relevant, and captivating content.

You can also use your website to promote your social media channels. Make sure you engage with users who like or comment on your social media posts, as doing so will make them more likely to purchase from your business.

Get a Vanity Number

If you don’t already have a vanity number, now is the time to invest in one. Vanity numbers enhance your brand's visual appeal and ensure easy recall, solidifying your brand's presence in the minds of those who encounter your ads.

For example, 1-800-CONTACTS is one of the most popular vanity numbers. It’s a phone number virtually everyone knows, whether they wear contacts or not. Part of the reason the company, which shares the same name as its direct line, is so successful is that its primary point of contact information is simple and memorable.

In addition to keeping your brand top of mind, there are numerous other benefits of vanity numbers for your reach marketing efforts, including the following.

Call Tracking

You can implement call tracking with your vanity phone number to track every step of your marketing campaign. Call tracking data can help by:

  • Showcasing individual campaign performances
  • Allowing you and your team to better customer segments
  • Highlighting locations with larger numbers of customers
  • Increasing marketing ROI

When you make use of call recording, you can also pinpoint specific conversation points that motivate customers to purchase from your business.


Vanity numbers lend an air of trustworthiness. People associate toll-free numbers with customer service. These numbers also show that your business makes an effort to be easy to contact. Studies show that vanity numbers get higher response rates than regular phone numbers.


Since vanity numbers can be toll-free, you can advertise your business to different geographical areas without setting up a different number for each location. This makes expanding your business to new areas easier.

Try Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the next big thing in advertising. Not only do they have scores of followers, but these followers trust the products their favorite influencers expose them to. If you have a product you believe would benefit from influencer promotion, consider giving it a shot. 

Depending on how many followers a particular influencer has, marketing this way can get costly. However, it also allows you to open your brand to countless potential customers.

Leverage Your Email List

Your business has probably amassed many customer email addresses over the years. Why not put them to good use? You can use a marketing automation platform to streamline the email process and get results about the effectiveness of your campaign. 

Furthermore, email marketing is cost-effective with a substantial ROI, making it a valuable investment of your time and resources.

Combine Multiple Marketing Channels

Why stick to just one marketing strategy when you can combine multiple approaches and increase your chances of success? Build your brand on social media, start a blog full of keyword-rich content on your website, and focus on search engine optimization. The options are endless.

Provide the Best Customer Service Possible

One of the best ways to reach more customers is to offer exceptional customer service. After all, word of mouth is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Customers satisfied with your business will be more likely to recommend it to others, expanding your reach organically.

Conversely, if you don’t keep your customers happy, they won’t have good things to say about you, and you’ll probably forfeit their business, which is a true lose-lose.

Build Your Brand with a Vanity Number

In today's digitally-driven world, understanding and maximizing your marketing reach is more crucial than ever. We hope the reach definition, marketing tips, and insights offered here have helped. The key takeaway is that reach in marketing is vital to your business’s success. With significant competition in the digital marketing space, you should take advantage of as many strategies as possible to get ahead. 

Vanity phone numbers are highly effective at improving reach among other marketing avenues. A vanity number not only sets you apart from your competitors but also ensures that your brand will come to consumers’ minds when they need a product or service you offer.

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