Will AI replace live customer service agents?

As AI innovation continues to evolve in unprecedented ways, some may be wary about the implications of an increasingly automated customer service industry. 

Will AI replace human customer service agents? We don’t think so. Emerging technology can help to meet rising service expectations, but a live human touch is necessary for connecting customers with empathetic support

How AI is changing customer service

Today, AI technology has already been implemented in the modern call center landscape. Working side by side with live human operators, AI assisted technology has replaced many of the tasks that were once assigned to live agents. A few examples of the many uses of AI in customer support centers:

  • Chatbots
  • Self-service
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Voice recognition
  • Predictive personalization
  • Voice assistants

Behind the scenes, AI is making the job of the live representative easier and more efficient. On the customer's side, it enables immediacy and a consistently high level of service. 

Why AI won’t replace live customer service agents

The reality is that there are many crucial functions of effective support that can only be carried out by a live human. AI can’t read into the subtleties of intonation when a person speaks. There’s an emotional element to customer service that still can’t read.

AI shines in automating routine and repetitive tasks, but its capacity to relate and creatively problem-solve is virtually nonexistent. When it comes to building customer rapport and creating trust, AI simply can not function without a human touch.

The hybrid approach: how AI can support live service agents

The future of the call center is one where AI and humans work in tandem to deliver a caliber of service that meets and exceeds modern service expectations. With AI enabling live agents to solve problem faster than ever before, call centers can scale their ability to provide satisfying customer support without compromising revenue or quality.

To stay competitive, a modern brand will have to leverage AI tools to supplement their service offerings. Chatbots, round-the-clock support, increased personalization… these will all become more robust and common. A balance of a human touch and AI power will continue to guide customer service forward.

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