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Is your email marketing working? Most brands engage customers over e-mail, but there are many ways to measure how effective your campaigns are. From consistent open and click-through rates to the quality and quantity of content inside, finding the perfect blend depends heavily on how (and what) you measure. Improvements in email marketing are often incremental. Make some small enhancements to each email you send and, over time, watch the open rates and conversions begin to rise. Testing changes is a

How important is a custom number in the restaurant sector? “Our brand is our phone number, it’s equivalent to a logo.” So says Mikaela Kadriu of Pizza Paddle in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s fitting that a restaurant committed to finding its customers only the freshest ingredients also took the time to find them an unforgettable number: 904-440-0000. So where does the company find its custom number most useful, in marketing terms? “Print advertising has been the most effective, including fridge magnets,”

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Talking to your customers is more important than ever. Yes, despite all the digital communications networks and instant online chat options, what people are asking for above all else is an easy way to connect with your company and have a conversation with an expert. Given a choice, a majority of consumers prefer to call a business to speak to a real person, rather than take that first contact step by e-mail or submitting a contact form online. Recent research

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“All leading companies in their fields have very easy, memorable telephone numbers.  We feel that our local vanity numbers give us an advantage over competition.” That’s how Tim Holdy, owner of Holdy Realty Team at Real Estate of Florida, describes the benefits of his triple set of million numbers. Holdy uses 561-500-0000, 772-500-0000 and 954-500-0000 to give home buyers in multiple markets a simple way to get in touch with his company. With a familiar area code and one of the clearest set

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If you’re anything like us, you try to consume as much marketing news as possible every month… and you probably fall short just as often as you meet the mark. No problem! We have you covered with our usual roundup of what made the headlines last month. From branding to broadcast ads and social media to sales, we cover the most relevant articles to get you all caught up. Marketing News Digest: May 2017 Here are some of the marketing news

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It’s one of the smallest areas of land covered by the North American Numbering Plan, but when it comes to area codes Manhattan is making it big. Already home to 646, 917, and the iconic 212 dial code, the borough will add another next week when 332 becomes available for use. Other codes overlap the island, like 718 and 347, but it’s the original 212 prefix that still commands the most attention. So how will the latest addition be received?

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7 Benefits of a Strong Brand

Written by: on May 28, 2017

Branding isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it, right? But the benefits of a strong brand are undeniable. When your business is strongly associated with something, be it a certain quality, service, or even an emotion, you jump to the head of the pack for sales and referrals. New customers are attracted to buy from you, while existing ones are eager to recommend you to others. It’s a win-win situation any way you slice it, but some

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It’s no secret that legal marketing is an excellent fit for vanity numbers. With so many potential cases out there and the complexity of legal queries, people need an easy way to remember who to call. This is especially true of personal injury law, where a direct line to legal experts cuts out confusion and sets victims on the road to financial recovery. St. Louis-based injury attorneys Meyerkord & Meyerkord are a perfect example of this. From digital campaigns to

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