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In the latest episode of the podcast Accelerate Your Business Growth, RingBoost Partner Paul Faust talked with host Diane Helbig about how to harness the power of voice to stand out in the digital age. Head on over to iTunes or the Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast website to listen to the conversation and learn how voice can drive conversions, lower cost of sales, and increase customer loyalty. About the Podcast: Featured on Inc.com’s list of 100 Podcasts That Will

It’s no secret that B2C companies are owning their social strategies, but B2B companies shouldn’t shy away because ALL businesses can benefit from having a digital presence. Social media isn’t rocket science, but sometimes it can feel like it as a B2B marketer. The struggle to succeed on the various platforms can be discouraging and make you want to give up. But fear not, here are 5 tips to help your B2B kill the social game. 1.Know your appropriate platforms

Mobile phones have changed the way we interact with each other and increasingly how we interact with the companies we choose to do business with. One of the most significant developments of the past 10 to 15 years has been that of businesses that employ text messages in their marketing mix. The use of texting among certain demographics – we’re looking at you GenZ – is almost universal. It has become one of the core channels for communicating today but

Does Toll-Free Still Matter?

Written by: on March 5, 2019

Now that nationwide calling plans are the norm, what does it even mean to place a “toll-free” call anymore? Shouldn’t toll-free numbers be considered a relic from a bygone era? Why, then, are businesses demanding toll-free numbers at record rates? The fact of the matter is that toll-free numbers remain relevant and useful tools for businesses. They are unique tools to advance the branding, marketing, and customer service of companies of all sizes. 8 Reasons Why Toll-Free Still Matters Enhances

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Peter Drucker The best way to ensure that phone calls remain a contributing factor in a businesses’ success is by taking advantage of technology solutions that track these digital interactions. Doing so enables business stakeholders to extract meaningful intelligence that can be used to drive future marketing, advertising and customer experience initiatives. Perhaps the most common reason enterprises consider call tracking and call intelligence systems is to identify poor customer support and sales

Reputation Management for Businesses

Written by: on February 28, 2019

When a customer has a good experience with a company, they are likely to tell one or two people. If they have a bad experience, they’ll tell 20 – or blast it out on the internet. You can spend all the time you want planning and implementing your brand strategy, but there is a part of your brand perception that is out of your control. But that doesn’t mean you can’t influence it. Reputation management should be an important part

DREAM BIG, BE SMART, MOVE FAST A brilliant business idea means nothing if you’re unable to execute on it, right? Of course. It’s necessary to take a rough concept and be able to bring it to fruition or reality, but that’s a long and often challenging journey and most simply get overwhelmed at the thought and drop out, never to realize their dreams. Fortunately, there are some practical ways to tackle such a project and if you break it down

Start a Business in 2019

Content, content, content – that’s all we hear about these days. But do you know why? What exactly will it do for your business? Today’s guest post comes from Karen Evans of StartBloggingOnline.com and explains the importance of getting your point of view out into the world. As an online business, you want to open every avenue available to bring traffic to your website. You’ve no doubt heard that you should put maximum effort into search engine optimization (SEO) as