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Did you know August is National Eye Exam Month? If you haven’t checked in with your optometrist in a while, it’s time to give them a call (assuming you can still see the numbers on your phone screen!)     What About the Vision for Your Brand? Let us pose another question: are you doing everything you can to make sure your brand vision is in focus? Just like a poorly designed image will strain your eyes, so a random

August Eye Exam Month

How to Create Better Billboard Ads

Written by: on August 16, 2018

As we examined recently, new media companies like Spotify, Airbnb, and Netflix are investing heavily in billboard advertising. The format has proven itself time and time again despite an ever-changing media landscape, leaving advertisers to ask not if they should use them but rather how to create better billboard ads? While the primary objective is to catch the consumer’s attention, the best ads reach beyond temporary brand awareness. A great ad gets people talking, leaving a lasting impression that generates word-of-mouth


We are excited and proud to announce that RingBoost has been named to the Inc.5000 list of the 2018 fastest-growing private companies in America. This is our fourth year making the list, and the highest ranking we’ve ever received – coming in at number 1930.   Our award notification from Editor in Chief of Inc. Media, James Ledbetter, states this is “a truly extraordinary accomplishment. Needless to say, making the list gets harder every year as your starting base grows.

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Similar to your website URL and your logo, your firm’s phone number is a critical marketing asset that helps define your brand for years to come. Don’t settle for a generic string of digits that provides no extra lift to your marketing ROI. A great phone number will improve advertising recall rates and help you stand apart from your competition. In a guest post on Lawyer Advertising Blog, we cover the five strategic questions to ask yourself as you explore

We are very excited to have a guest post published on Crisp Video‘s blog this week. They asked us for a primer on why the right phone number matters for law firms, and it was easy to come up with seven solid reasons. While Crisp Video focuses on law firms, the lessons on the benefits of a custom phone number pertain to all industries. Here’s a quick spoiler alert: Improves Memorability Increases Marketing Effectiveness Creates a Competitive Advantage Builds Your

We’re proud to share that we recently hit the marvelous milestone of 100 RingBoost reviews on Google! While we appreciate every single one of our thousands of clients, our team is especially grateful when a business owner or marketing exec takes time out of a busy schedule to share their experience with us.      Today we’d like to celebrate those clients – and our exceptional customer service team! – with a selection of thoughtful RingBoost reviews that show why we’re


We’ve written a lot about the neuroscience underlying memorable numbers and how to pick the perfect phone number for your business, but sometimes the best choice is right in front of you.  That was certainly the case for High Desert Shuttle in southern California, who quickly realized after calling us that (760) SHUTTLE was, much like their shuttle service, the only way to go!  The number is a perfect fit for not only the company’s name and services but also the


Happy National Sugar Cookie Day! Okay, it’s not as widely celebrated as the 4th of July, but we’ll take any opportunity to grab a tasty treat on a Monday morning, right?! It’s also an opportunity for us to tell you how bakery vanity numbers are a great tool to help you move away from cookie-cutter marketing!    Vanity Numbers for the Bakery Business Could your bakery brand use some sprinkles to stand out? A custom phone number ending in -BAKE,