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A common question for many business owners is how to make their company stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s online or out in the real world, attention is at a premium these days and every impression counts. Logos, site names, social networks, ads and so much more need to be memorable brand assets that communicate your message and help potential customers to get connect with your company. So why do so many owners fail to take advantage of overlooked marketing assets

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We find successful applications of custom numbers in almost every business sector, but legal marketing is one area in which a memorable number seems to perform especially well.  RingBoost has worked with law firms across the country to help them find great numbers for their legal marketing and advertising.  We know how important these numbers are for attorneys and what a game-changing marketing tool they can be. Samakow Law, serving clients in Virginia and Maryland, is just one of many

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Whether you want to be known locally, nationally, or all around the world, the tactics and tools you use to gain attention and raise consumer awareness are at the heart of how your business is going to get there. Are there overlooked marketing assets that you could be using to achieve that? Small businesses need hard work, close attention, and smart marketing to grow into trusted brands. As a small business owner (or marketing team), your first goal is to reach

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For businesses of all sizes, in almost every industry, closing phone sales is vital. Unfortunately for some entrepreneurs and service teams, understanding how to close phone sales calls effectively is not something that comes naturally. At a time when sales pitches are everywhere we turn, it’s becoming more and more common for callers to fight back against high-pressure tactics. That’s the beauty of driving more inbound calls: the prospect is already engaged and ready to listen to what you’re offering.

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The mind has limited space to store contact details, which is why so many of us now simply keep everything in the memory banks of a smartphone. Business numbers have to earn that space, however, and not many get committed to phone storage.  Contact details are typically reserved for personal friends and family, as well as a handful of professionals we need to talk to regularly. That leaves businesses competing for storage in our individual memory, then, which is notoriously

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With Logan now playing in movie theaters and Iron Fist hitting Netflix this weekend, Marvel is about to unleash another lesson in memorable marketing.  Unless you live life without any kind of screen and never set foot in a movie theater, there’s  every chance that you’ve encountered some version of the Marvel Comics Universe (MCU) in recent years. Marvel’s Memorable Marketing Ever since Spiderman came close to grossing above the $1 billion mark in 2002, the superhero spin-offs have come thick and fast.

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“A modern classic reimagined.” That’s the tagline for the “new” device from phone manufacturer Nokia. If the name feels like a blast from the past, it’s because Nokia has been on the periphery of the smartphone sector for quite some time. Perhaps that’s why the Finnish company went back to the drawing board for its latest line of phones, one of which sticks deliberately close to its original design: the Nokia 3310. Iconic Appeal Now that we’ve passed the ten-year

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7 Elements of Brand Trust

Written by: on February 18, 2017

Trust is a tough nut to crack in any relationship. In terms of trusting a brand, it can take years to build a reliable reputation and even then it can be demolished with one negative interaction. Without brand trust, however, it’s very difficult to build a loyal customer base. Defining and delivering a brand promise are two different things. It’s the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk — and we know which of those qualities consumers demand of

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