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Whether you’re wandering the aisles at Barnes & Noble or browsing the audiobook listings on Audible, there’s no shortage of book recommendations for business owners. Too many, in most cases! Because we work with all kinds of small business owners and entrepreneurs, we have a firm understanding of what makes them tick. That’s why we feel confident offering up these four titles for your summer reading list – assuming it isn’t already full, that is!   4 Book Recommendations for


This is a guest article written by Jennifer Phillips, who is Director of Marketing Communications at CARMA, a leading provider of global media intelligence solutions. For public relations purposes, many organizations monitor online brand mentions and media coverage. What not everyone realizes is that they can also use media monitoring tools for marketing activities. Conducting searches for mentions of a company name, CEO, the latest buzz about products or services, and to watch for negative coverage, is now considered standard


In our regular flow of writing, we cover plenty of established and local businesses using out-of-home (OoH) ads to reach potential customers. But what about new media OoH advertising? Are digital startups and e-commerce companies exempt from the tried-and-trusted channels that came before them? Unless the owners like to leave a crucial element of brand awareness to chance, the answer is a resounding no! In this article, we’ll look at four different cases where a vibrant new digital business turned to


Since the turn of the century, established marketing channels have been vying with their more compelling digital offspring to win more of your marketing budget. But is the decision really that binary? It’s no secret that digital marketing channels offer a lot. Marketers are able to gather and analyze much more data, providing deeper insights into both the individual customer journey and wider consumer behavior. This changes how most companies plan and execute promotional campaigns.     Contrary to popular

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The real estate market across the country is booming. Home prices are climbing, and there seems to be no shortage of buyers. In fact, in many parts of the country inventory of homes for sale has lagged behind demand, which has created a competitive environment for home buyers and their real estate agents. There are also more real estate agents than ever, intent on earning part of their area’s market-share.   More than ever, agents need to think creatively about


Attorneys aren’t strangers to memorable phone numbers. In fact, legal marketing is one of our most competitive sectors. However, not all legal teams opt for the understated appeal of a law firm repeater number. Atlanta-based lawyer Seth Bader is one such attorney who sees the marketing value of a repeater number. His business, Bader Law Firm, LLC, uses (404) 888-8888 across all of its marketing channels, from offering free consultations for those who call to giving fans on Facebook an

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Measure what matters, as the old adage goes. Yet while most of us understand the importance of tracking performance, it’s also true that not all marketing metrics are created equal. In general, the era of digital marketing has made our work more measurable than ever before. Unfortunately, survey results suggest that four out of five CEOs don’t trust their marketing department’s activity. Clearly, there’s a disconnect somewhere. The most likely explanation is that those marketing teams have failed to effectively calculate and


Getting a memorable phone number is one of the best marketing decisions you will ever make as a business owner. Once you have that number, however, a new challenge presents itself: how do I use this tool to its full potential? Marketing to a local community can be both competitive and challenging. That being said, there are ways to reach your audience that larger brands find tough to match. Your custom number also gives you the upper hand in almost