The Benefits of Choosing Your Own Phone Number

From brand building to closing sales to providing superior customer service, a custom phone number can be the underpinning of creating a more efficient, more profitable company.   Yet phone numbers are not only underutilized, but in a digital-focused world, they can be maligned. This is a gross oversight, as phone calls to businesses are not dead – and in fact, research points to call volume increasing with the proliferation of mobile search – and making it easier for customers to reach you can only benefit your bottom line. 

Benefits of Choosing your own Phone Number

Increased mobile search activity leads to an increase in call volume for businesses, making custom local and vanity phone numbers a smart decision.


Here are the Top Benefits of Choosing Your Own Phone Number

Builds brand reputation. Your brand is only as strong as its weakest link. You’ve crafted the perfect corporate name, developed a clever tagline, and chosen your domain URL. Why leave your phone number up to chance?   Increases visibility. Vanity phone numbers and clever-looking easy-dial patterns catch the eye. Our brains are built to remember things in small chunks – so the pattern of a phone number works with our natural abilities to absorb and retain information. They create great visuals - almost like a logo - that leave positive impressions on viewers.  

Improves advertising response rates. Custom phone numbers are more memorable. Especially if you’re a heavy advertiser, you want to maximize the results from your advertising spend. Whether you build the number into an unforgettable jingle or simply create a visual that is an easily remembered call-to-action, a personalized phone number will give you confidence that you’ve done everything you can to be memorable.  

Unique way to differentiate from competition. Especially with consumer services, many companies’ true superiority is only understood once a customer can experience what it’s like to work with you. You need to pull out all the stops to be noticed and stand out before an engagement. You are the only one who can have a specific phone number in your exact market. It’s immediately an exclusive asset for your company.  

Builds trust. Working with a new company or purchasing a new product always comes with some level of risk on the part of a consumer. Announcing your phone number to the market is a friendly way to promote that you care and make yourself accessible to your customers. Knowing that they can have questions answered and issues resolved by a real human diminishes risk and will make you a more desirable provider.  

Phone leads convert to revenue at 10x web leads. When you have someone on the phone, you’re immediately able to build a relationship with them. This moves the sales process along faster. According to research, 61% of mobile users call a business when they are in the purchase phase of the buying cycle and customers who initiate inbound calls to businesses spend an average of 28% more.  

Enables better customer service. If a customer is unhappy, the last thing they want is to have to navigate to your website and fill in a form that feels like it’s being sent into a black hole. It will only intensify the frustration. Making it easy for someone to reach you to rectify an issue or to even just to make their next appointment goes far in building customer loyalty.  

Eases word-of-mouth referrals. The next best thing to taste-testing a company’s service yourself is to get a first-hand referral from a trusted source. Businesses who make it easy for clients to pass on their contact information are the ones who win.  

Keeps prospects off the web. If you drive prospects to a web search to find you, most likely they will discover your competitors as well. It’s not unusual for a searcher to click on the top three results to look around. What if your competitor’s written messaging is stronger? If you can get that prospect to call you directly you have a much better chance of creating a personal connection and winning them over.  

Phone numbers are understood and proven. When it comes to dialing a phone to reach a business, this is something everyone understands. Most ads don’t need to even use the word “Call” in front of the phone number because everyone sees the number and already knows what to do.  

Creates continuity between campaigns. If you are an omni-channel advertiser, creating consistency between channels is a great way to amplify your advertising message. Using the same call-to-action on radio, billboards, print and digital ads creates instant connection. Because our brains are wired to recognize and remember phone numbers, it can even be easier than remembering a business’s name. Plus, as you retire different campaign creative, you can build on previous success by using the same call-to-action.  

Delivers a message and call-to-action in one. Use your advertising space wisely by combining a message with your call-to-action. A vanity phoneword or phrase can reinforce the message of the campaign. An easy-dial patterned phone number conveys buttoned-up professionalism and thoughtfulness.  

Extremely affordable marketing asset. Custom local phone numbers start at $99 – and then you own the number outright. Toll-free numbers start at $1.99/mo.  Compared to your OOH or PPC campaigns, the cost is negligible.  

Extremely easy to implement. Unlike marketing automation or building a strong social media presence which both take time and expertise to setup and manage, securing a custom phone number is as simple as going to a website, picking what you like, and checking out. Your number can be activated within one business day and then it’s just up to you to make sure others know about it. There is no certification needed, no scrum frameworks to follow, no expert consultants needed. You promote the number and people call it. It’s that simple.  

Maximizes your marketing. Custom phone numbers are like the Intel inside, the fuel additive, the steroids, the last three feet for your entire marketing program. When you make it easy for a prospect to get in touch with you, you take out any uncertainty. You can have confidence that you’re optimizing your marketing to promote inbound lead generation and long-term customer loyalty.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Choosing Your Own Personal or Business Phone Number?

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