3 Examples That Show Why Toll Free Vanity Numbers Are a Popular Marketing Tool

A great vanity telephone number is hard to forget (as we remind you often, because we care!)

But while it's easy to talk about the memorable marketing that can be achieved with a toll free vanity number, sometimes it's more important to let the images and ad results do the talking.

Grow Your BusinessHere are three of our favorite examples of toll free vanity numbers that get phones ringing for the businesses that invest in them.


Vanity numbers have proven time and again to increase call-in response rates and overall marketing campaign return on investment (ROI), as well as add instant credibility to a company’s name and public image.

1800 FL adThe hugely successful roll out of 1-800-FLOWERS is an industry leader that continues to prove the compelling advantage of toll free vanity numbers. This was one of the first retailers to realize and take advantage of a 24/7 toll free contact line for direct-to-consumer sales.

Flowers are ordered coast-to-coast via this number and the corporation is now the industry leader. Critical to its success is the credibility associated with its 800 number, which is immediately memorable, industry-defining, and synonymous with ordering flowers for a loved one.

For the general public this is now the go-to number for a service that attracts repeat orders... and it doesn't even require a bookmark or entry into our phone's contact list to recall!


An excellent example of the shared use advantage leveraged by vanity numbers, 1-800-HURT-NOW is one of our most popular toll free numbers for legal marketing. It clearly communicates a need in a short, memorable phrase, at the same time as providing a call to action (1-800 now triggers an association to dial, for most Americans) and an idea of what the company does.

Kisling, Nestico and Redick - Vanity toll free number marketing The firm's vanity toll free number features prominently on its marketing media, including web properties.

We talked about the success of Ohio law firm Kisling, Nestico & Redick, LLC earlier this month, who rolled out 1-800-HURT-NOW across all of their marketing materials and surged from 20th to 3rd largest in the state, in their field. The inbound calls that their new toll free vanity number drove helped to fuel this growth, providing results that speak far louder than words!


Perhaps it's because summer just hit, or perhaps 1-800-BEACHES is just a shining example of marrying industry with intent to create a great marketing number. Either way, Sandal's Resorts hit upon a winner here.

1-800-BEACHESOne of the main reasons we advocate toll free vanity numbers so much is that they make online and offline marketing campaigns more effective, by allowing businesses to advertise across many mediums with one versatile marketing tool.

As 1-800-BEACHES demonstrates in its ads, transforming a contact number into a word allows it to slide into marketing materials much more seamlessly. This means the ability to carry consistent advertising in a newspaper, across radio and television ad spots, and throughout social media without losing any value. It saves on screen and page real estate, which in areas like print advertising can also mean significant cost savings.

Most people find it difficult to remember random phone numbers, but most of us find it almost impossible to forget catchy vanity numbers. Having a memorable phone number makes it much easier to make business referrals, which increases the leads that a company stands to convert into paying customers.

If you're eager to make your business an example of memorable marketing success that we can showcase in a future blog post, start your search for a toll free vanity number now!

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