Why Local Vanity Numbers Get Your Phones Ringing

On any given day, we’re exposed to an overwhelming amount of advertising. The majority of these ads don’t leave a lasting impression, even when they're from businesses in our area and whose business is of interest to us... that's where local vanity numbers come in! 

Local vanity numbers get customers calling

Local vanity numbers get customers calling 


Finding a way to stand out in a world overloaded with advertisements is only becoming more difficult. Playing your location card is an advantage, but one that needs to be communicated clearly and concisely across your marketing materials. Here we’ll examine some of the ways that vanity numbers can achieve this, by distinguishing themselves from other marketing techniques that fail to jump out at potential customers. 

Local Vanity Numbers For Sale (and Success!)

Local vanity numbers are a unique way to distinguish your brand and can have a tremendous impact on your business. If you’ve ever heard or read a vanity number that “got stuck in your head,” you know that it can and will pop into your mind just when you need it. This leads many to refer to these numbers as memorable, but they are more than that.

In the best cases, vanity numbers are unforgettable. As we looked at recently with help from what the field of neuroscience knows, vanity numbers have the incredible ability to be filed away in your mind until a situation requires you to recall the number. This is unparalleled by other marketing methods. In the case of local vanity numbers, you add in the trust and familiarity that are synonymous with local area codes. The combination is a powerful one, capable of boosting customer awareness and generating more inbound calls. But increasing awareness of your brand requires more than an simply owning an unforgettable number... you also need to get it out the and active in the world. Fortunately, local vanity phone numbers combine the key qualities that communicate your business value proposition both effectively and efficiently. 

Make Your Local Marketing Pop

Before your number can be remembered by your customers, it has to be communicated to them. A fundamental quality of a local vanity number embody is the ability to be communicated efficiently across multiple marketing platforms at once. Your number can be advertised in a local newspaper, be easily spoken on a radio spot, or weaved into the strong visuals used in a social media post or online display ad. The message remains the same, while your brand reaches audiences in their preferred setting and in a way that's easy to recall when they need it. As a result of this versatility, vanity numbers are shown to generate more inbound calls and inquiries (calls that convert up to 10 times more than other channels, in some cases). No matter who your target audience is, strong customer relationships are crucial for long term success. Building those relationships involves more than brand loyalty; they involve brand credibility. When a customer sees an advertisement with a memorable local number it increases your brand’s legitimacy, often without the viewer even realizing. There's an air to these numbers that sets them apart from generic numbers, in the same way that a dot com address is preferable to a lesser domain extension, or a full business address is more reassuring than a PO box. Big brands choose vanity numbers, but thankfully they're still accessible to - and affordable for - small to medium-sized business. A local vanity number can help you to achieve credibility and recall more quickly and efficiently, especially when combined other marketing methods. That's why we offer so many great local numbers (and why you need to start your vanity number search today!)

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