7 Reasons Having the Right Phone Number Matters

Crisp Video Blog: Advice for Law Firm Marketing

We are very excited to have a guest post published on Crisp Video's blog this week.

They asked us for a primer on why the right phone number matters for law firms, and it was easy to come up with seven solid reasons. While Crisp Video focuses on law firms, the lessons on the benefits of a custom phone number pertain to all industries. Here's a quick spoiler alert:
  1. Improves Memorability
  2. Increases Marketing Effectiveness
  3. Creates a Competitive Advantage
  4. Builds Your Brand
  5. Better for Mobile Users
  6. Enables Immediacy
  7. Eases Referrals
Now head over to their blog to read the details and supporting evidence around Why the Right Phone Number Matters for Your Practice.

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