All Your Phone Number Porting Questions Answered

There's no denying the importance of phone numbers in business operations today. They are one of the central mechanisms through which consumers (prospects) interact with companies, and these resources deserve our collective attention.

Phone Number Porting Questions

RingBoost's new Phone Number Porting Guide provides answers to common questions about the process for entreprenuers.

Phone numbers remain crucial in how businesses and consumers have communicated over the years. In fact, it's difficult to find an enterprise today that does not use the phone in some way: either for sales, service or a combination of both.

Realizing the True Benefit of Phone Numbers

One of the often less than obvious "benefits" of using a phone number consistently in marketing and advertising campaigns is that as more consumers are exposed to your brand over time, a positive association can develop that contributes greatly to an essential variable in new business and lead conversion - trust. Consider a legal, health or home services company seeking an opportunity to remain top of mind within a highly competitive business landscape. The company followed the best practice of acquiring an easy to remember phone number and now wisely uses that asset within all of their marketing, direct response and customer acquisition efforts - from television and billboard ads to local networking 'meet-and-greets' and digital advertising campaigns. People recognize the number and remember the company when it matters most - which is hugely important. So how can you, as a business owner or marketer, secure these valuable assets so you can continue using them in the future? If you're at risk of potentially losing access to an asset that you derive direct value from, you need to take control.

Your Forever Phone Number

What happens when your company needs to change phone providers? Will you lose access to that number? You may, but you don't need to put your brand in jeopardy. It should be obvious that phone numbers, when used regularly over time, greatly benefit a company's brand awareness, but the systems that power phone interactions may not be as consistent. What happens if you're upset with your phone company, and you're looking for a change? Price increases and poor service happens; a variety of reasons may lead you to abandon one provider for another - but take note: you don't have to lose the phone number that people now associate with your company. One advantage of phone numbers is that they are transferable. However, there's a lot of mystery around how to do that - how to move your phone number from one carrier to another. Moving your phone number from one provider to the next is done through a process known as "porting."

Phone Number Porting In Focus

Phone number porting is the process of taking an existing phone number from one carrier and transferring it to another. This process is different from call forwarding (redirecting a phone call to another number) as the former requires you to effectively change services (closing one account and opening another). Porting phone numbers can be confusing to those unfamiliar with how it all works. As a high-volume seller of premium custom vanity phone numbers, RingBoost is incredibly experienced in this regard with our team porting in/out hundreds (in some cases thousands) of phone numbers monthly. There are a lot of questions about phone number porting, and RingBoost's new Phone Number Porting Guide (an FAQ page about the process of porting) provides answers to some common questions received by their porting team. If you are interested in porting your number with RingBoost, learning more about how porting works in general, or simply wanting to find out the skinny on porting phone numbers away from carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, Google and others, then you're in luck. RingBoost's Phone Number Porting guide is just what you need. We'll be building our phone number porting guide in the future, but if you have a question about the process of porting now, please get in touch - our friendly and knowledgeable staff are experts at phone number porting.

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