Best Vanity Phone Numbers - January 2020

The holidays have come and gone, and now that winter’s frigid grip is upon us, there seems to be nothing exciting to look forward to between now and summer. What’s one to do? RING in the new year by getting some inspiration from this month’s list of latest and greatest list of Best Vanity Phone Numbers, of course!

If you’re looking to break into a niche market for your brand or business, sometimes all it takes is developing a great way for potential customers to contact you. Take a look at these clever numbers and get your gears turning for how you can make a splash in one of these fun and social niche areas. continues below...

1-866-MICRO-BREW - Sure, wine is fine and liquor is quicker, but there’s still a lot to be said for drinking a delicious artisan beer. Whether you’re a brewer or a bar owner, this vanity phone number is easy to remember so that new customers can get all the info they need about your tasty new IPA.

1-866-PIC-CLUB - In the gig economy of today’s world, networking is everything. For a photographer, photo-editor, or digital designer, this is a great pathway to establish yourself as a subject matter expert, but also handy in getting others to stay engaged.

1-877-I-NEED-MUSIC - Musicians were doing gig-based jobs long before it was just something anyone with a car could be a part of. Grab this vanity phone number to stay connected and leave snippets of your songs for others to check out.

1-844-LETS-PRETEND - Your improv troupe or comedy duo isn’t going to make it on your wits alone. It also takes marketing, information sharing, and developing a way to stay in touch with your fans. YES, you can share all that AND more when you grab this custom phone number.

1-888-GAMERS-0 - The gaming industry hasn’t showed any signs of slowing, and with new consoles hitting shelves this year, it’s not about to go out of style any time soon. If you’re looking to break into the niche, set up this vanity phone number to act as a resource to share hints, tips, tricks and more with the gaming community.

1-855-BE-ACTIVE - It’s the time of year that personal trainers always look forward to. As people make the leap to get fit in 2020, they often look to a personal health coach or trainer for assistance in achieving their goals. If you’re a life coach ready to lend your support, snag this unique and memorable custom phone number now.

1-844-YOGA-NOW - New years goals are often focused on self-improvement, both physically and mentally, which makes Yoga a big lure at the start of the year. It’s a key time for yoga studios to reach healthy living goal seekers and build their customer base. Grab 1-844-YOGA-NOW while you still can.

1-855-SWEET-FIND - If you’re into antiquing or flea markets, you know how great it can be when you find something worth a bundle and ready to flip. When you’re listing items on your own website or wherever you do business, use this fun vanity phone number to help drive calls and get those sweet finds a new home.

1-888-ALL-CARS - Any local car dealership could benefit from this one. No matter how many vehicles you ACTUALLY have in your inventory, this custom phone number is as easy as they get to remember. Plus, it would look fantastic printed on a brochure or catalog.

These are only a sampling of the hundreds of thousands of vanity phone numbers available on so if you don’t see one here that inspires you, be sure to check out all the rest we have to offer. Need help? Give us a call at 1-877-RING-BOOST to get started.

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