RingBoost’s Paul Faust Gives Advertising Advice to Pizza Business Owners

Move over Shake Shack, Business Insider has listed two pizza companies as the fastest growing fast-casual dining restaurants of 2017. But, nearly half of the revenue in the pizza industry comes from independent owners. With so much competition, how do these business owners keep their audiences coming back slice after slice? Through careful marketing, thoughtful advertising, and loyalty building.


Fit Small Business reached out to RingBoost Vice President Paul Faust for his take on what makes for a winning pizza advertising campaign. In their list of the Top 25 Creative Pizza Advertising Ideas from the Pros, Paul comes in at #6 with ideas on how to select a phone number that can build your brand, improve recall rates, and make it easier for customers to reach you. Whether they are ordering delivery or making a reservation for dinner, customers need a simple way to reach you. A memorable number is as easy as (pizza) pie.


To read all of Paul’s advice and the other 24 slices of wisdom, head on over to the Fit Small Business article.


Pizza Advertising Advice


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Written by: on August 21, 2018

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