How To Get a 305 Area Code Number

Miami’s iconic 305 area code is an emblem of the city’s cultural pride and global industry. Having a 305 number bestows the beholder with a certain level of prestige reserved only for locals. So it’s no wonder why the 305 is one of the most sought-after area codes in the country. 

Let’s take a look at how you can acquire a 305 number, even if your home or business is on the other side of the country.

Why Buy 305 Numbers?

When you purchase a 305 number for sale, you’ll open your business up to a community of nearly 3 million people — and that’s just within the city limits! 

Miami, a vibrant and bustling city in the state of Florida, exudes hospitality and boasts a thriving tourism industry. With its sun-kissed, golden-sand beaches and a plethora of major sports franchises, including the Dolphins and Jaguars teams, it offers an enticing blend of leisure and excitement.

Standing out from the competition is critical in Miami. With so many existing companies within the metropolitan area, having a memorable phone number ensures you’ll maximize your sales and impress your customers. 

When you buy 305 area code phone numbers — particularly one that showcases your business name and services — you’ll find it easier to attract customers. A 305 phone number for sale can appear on your company vehicle, retail store, billboard signs, office location, website, and television commercials. People who see it frequently will know exactly who to call when they need your help, no matter what type of business you own.

Search our database of 305 area code numbers to buy, and you’ll find hundreds of different options available for your business. We make it a point to only sell the most creative and unique phone numbers that our customers benefit from. Whether you want a number that spells out your company name, describes what you offer, or is so straightforward that no one will ever forget it, you’ll find it in our directory.

Remember, if you go the easy way and simply accept the phone number assigned to your business by your local provider, it won’t stand out the way a vanity phone number will. Customers will likely need to dig through the Yellow Pages or the internet to find out how to reach you. When you buy 305 phone numbers for sale, it’s specially tailored for your business.

With so many Miami companies out there, likely including your competitors, don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to demonstrate just how professional your business is. Our 305 area code for sale numbers will make you the local market's go-to company.

Different ways to get a 305 number

There are three main options for buying a custom phone number in any area code:

  • Traditional phone service providers
  • Individual sellers
  • Third-party services

Traditional phone service providers

You can reach out to a local phone company to request a 305 number, but they don’t provide a lot of options. Since the 305 is an exhausted area code, the company may not have any numbers available at all. If they happen to have a few, they’ll assign you one – but you don’t have much say in what the number is. 


Individual citizens can auction their own 305 numbers on sites like Ebay, from time to time. Due to the high demand for a 305 number, however, these auctioned numbers often close at high price-points.

Third-party services

Third-party services like Ringboost can help you acquire a 305 phone number for personal or professional use, at any price range to fit your budget.

How to purchase a 305 number in 4 steps

Although the process of purchasing a phone number can be quite simple, there are a number of key decisions to be made along the way. You might think of the process as four main steps:

  1. Research
  2. Plan
  3. Purchase
  4. Activate


Some quick internet research will come in handy to help you dial in your options for purchasing your perfect phone number. Here’s a few things to look into at the start of the process:

  • Service Providers. An experienced and reliable broker will make selecting the best number at the desired price easy and straightforward. 
  • Available phone numbers. Which numbers are available for immediate purchase? Is it possible to obtain a curated custom number? Finding a custom number that fits your business most often requires expertise, which is why RingBoost is the industry leader.


To make the transition as seamless as possible, you’ll need to anticipate some of the changes.

  • Call routing. Will you keep your old number in addition to the new 305 number? Or will you set up a call forwarding? Who will receive calls on the new line?
  • Marketing. What marketing materials need to be updated with the new number? What new marketing opportunities does this new number open up locally and nationally?
  • Reception. Does your receptionist need to alter their greeting for callers who are expecting a Miami-based business?


The actual purchase of your new phone number is easy – just a few clicks through an online checkout. At that point you’ll also decide whether you want to park or port your newly purchased digits.

If you’re not quite ready to activate your new number, parking it places it in an inactive status and is significantly cheaper than paying for a service plan. You retain ownership, and can turn it back on at any time.


Ready to activate your new 305 number for use? Simply select “porting” at checkout and you will receive an email that includes all the necessary information, as well as your porting instructions.

The three steps for activation are:

  1. Contact your existing carrier or select a new one and let them know that you would like to port your new number.
  2. Provide your account number, PIN and service address to a customer service agent.
  3. Your carrier will submit the port request to the carrier and will notify you once the port completes. You should receive an expected port date to help you plan accordingly.

Find the perfect 305 number

Many businesses in and outside of Miami, are buying up 305 phone numbers as an extension of an established brand identity. Demand for these numbers is high, but Ringboost can help you find 305 numbers within your budget.

When it comes time to purchase and activate, Ringboost makes it easy. So get a move on! Find the perfect 305 number for your business.

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