Ask RingBoost: How Complicated is the Number Porting Process?

What's the most memorable phone number? Is it still possible to get a 212 number nowadays? How does shared use work?  In the course of selling custom numbers and improving marketing campaigns for many years, our team has been asked a lot of questions. That's why we're augmenting our existing FAQ page with a new blog series, "Ask RingBoost," to address specific questions that you might want to be answered before finding the right phone number for your business. Today we take a deeper dive into the potential complexities of the number porting process. number-porting-process-headerWhat is Number Porting?

Fortunately, we've already answered this question! Read our previous article to learn more about why you might need to port a phone number

Complexities of the Number Porting Process

As you might expect, we get asked a lot of questions about the phone number porting process and what needs to occur before a new number is up and running. Below are some of the more common things that people ask us. 

Q: Do I have to do anything? Can you port the number for me?

A: Once you have purchased your number you will receive an e-mail containing "Next Steps." From here, you have the ability to “activate” your number. This is where you can let us know if you plan to keep the number with us by signing up for one of our local packages or you plan on porting your number to your carrier.

If you select a plan, we begin the process of provisioning your number and setting up your account. If you select to port your number, we provide you with all of the information you need to take it to your chosen carrier.

You can also visit our Porting Support page for a brief video on the porting process, FAQs, and other helpful tips.

Q: Why does it take the number porting process take longer than I thought?

A: Most customers are used to wireless-to-wireless carrier ports, which can often happen within hours, or sometimes even minutes of a porting request.

Due to the fact that custom numbers are not assigned to a physical device, they cannot be considered wireless and are therefore treated like landline/wireline numbers. While exact port times vary from carrier to carrier, the standard timeframe we see is 7-10 business days (once the request has been submitted). 

phone keypad numbers and lettersQ: Why isn’t the porting information under my name? Why can’t you change it to my information?

A: While you purchased the number and own it outright, it is still on our business account with our carrier. As a result, you may not immediately recognize the business name, address, or authorized name we provided.

Most carriers do not let you change the account information for an individual number, which is why we are unable to change the account information. If we made any changes, it would negatively impact all of the numbers on our account.

Q: What happens if a phone carrier delays the porting process?If your carrier rep tells you they cannot port a phone number until it matches your contact information, it may just be that they are unfamiliar with the number porting process. In this case, you can simply explain to them that you acquired the number from a third party.

Should they need more information, you can offer them your RingBoost order confirmation. This shows your name and your new phone number, as well as the payment method and proof of purchase. If necessary, we can also provide a copy of the most recent invoice, showing that we previously owned the number and have the right to give it away. This should be more than enough information to have your carrier process the request.

While this might sound like a lot of work, in most cases the phone number porting process goes smoothly and you can be up and running with your new phone number in a relatively short space of time. After that, the biggest challenge you'll face is keeping up with all those extra calls! [search-tag]


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