Phone Number Relevancy Report 2019

There are between 700 and 800 million phone numbers currently assigned in the United States and Canada, with 384 area codes in use as of the end of 2018. That’s almost three phone numbers per adult! Consumers spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones. While it might be trendy to think that phone calls are dead for personal communications, when it comes to best practices for business, phone calls remain a vital tool for nurturing leads, closing deals, and building long term loyalty. In fact, most consumers prefer to place calls when reaching out to a business due to the ability to get an immediate, nuanced response and avoid the clunky nature of form fills - especially on a mobile device. RingBoost helps thousands of companies each year harness the power of voice to grow. We connect companies with custom phone numbers that improve brand visibility, increase advertising response rates, and invite prospects and clients to reach out and build stronger relationships.

Phone Relevancy Report 2019

To understand who the savvy companies are that purchase custom phone numbers, we analyzed the local phone number transactions that came through our self-service, ecommerce platform in a full calendar year. We looked to this data to understand:

  • Who buys custom phone numbers?
  • Where are custom phone numbers most often purchased?
  • What are the most popular vanity numbers?
  • What are the most popular easy-dial patterns?


We uncovered interesting trends in the types of industries that favor vanity phone numbers . These companies tend to be service providers who operate in direct market areas. Brand and marketing are important to building their businesses, and they must continue to nurture trust in prospects and clients to grow revenue and profitability. What was apparent most of all in the data is that even with the rise of digital technology, connecting to businesses by voice remains a top priority for consumers. While they don’t get as many headlines as AI or chatbots, phone calls are just as relevant today as they always have been. Businesses must continue to make it easy for customers to reach them by phone to be successful. Phone calls are an essential tool in the success of business, whether for sales, service, or building long term loyalty. Follow this link to download and read the full RingBoost Phone Number Relevancy Report 2019.

If you’re ready to take the plunge for your business, search our online store , reach out to us by live chat, call us at 1-877-RINGBOOST, or email [email protected] .

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