RingBoost VP Paul Faust to Speak at Toll-Free User Summit

This October, the RingBoost team will be heading to Las Vegas for the 2018 Toll-Free User Summit hosted by Somos.

With impending changes to the toll-free industry expected with upcoming FCC updates, the conference promises to be a lively meeting of telcom leaders, working together to keep pushing the industry forward.

RingBoost VP Paul Faust will be participating in a panel entitled "The Secondary Market is Coming: Are you ready for it?" Topics covered will include defining the secondary market, exploring who will be affected by it, and how best to prepare.


n addition, we're super excited to announce that four of the five nominees for Toll-Free Industry Campaign of the Year are RingBoost numbers including: 1-800-Prepare.com, Bad Boys Bail Bonds (1-800-BAIL-OUT), 1-800-HOMECARE, and Jessie's House and Carpet Cleaning (1-877-CLEANING).

To learn more and see the other award categories and nominees, check out the TFUS18 Agenda.

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