Your Guide to The Best Three-Letter Phone Words

What is the best vanity phone number option for you and your company? 


Seven-digit vanity local phone numbers are extremely rare. In many area codes – especially the newer ones – not all variants of the middle three digits (NXX) are available. New phone numbers get released in blocks, over time. But, even if the exact combination of the first three digits exists in the area code you seek, to make the perfect, pure vanity phone word, there will be just one of them. For example, in all of New Hampshire, there is only one 603-LAWYERS (603-529-9377.)


For many businesses, the rarity of the pure 7-digit vanity phone number is part of what makes it so appealing. Not only will you stand out and catch more attention from your target audience, but your competitors simply cannot have what you have. It’s an automatic competitive differentiator. However, these numbers are available on a first-come-first-served basis and sometimes the one you originally had in mind is unavailable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorable number that fits your brand, your campaigns, and your business.


Four-Digit Vanity Phone Numbers Create Impact

At RingBoost, we encourage our customers to focus on the last four digits when thinking of a local vanity phone number. They are more abundant than pure 7-digit vanities, giving many options, and yet retain nearly the same levels of memorability. They fit the cadence of how we remember phone numbers and are still eye catching and great at boosting marketing response rates. The area code becomes negligible when you’re advertising to a specific community who quickly skims past it. And, the easier you make it to remember the middle three digits, using a pattern such as 333 or 500, the more that four-letter vanity word can become close to a 7-digit one. While a real estate agent in upstate New York might prefer 845-LISTING, they will still get great results with 845-818-SOLD.


Phone Words: Best 3-letter words for vanity phone numbers


The Top 25 Three-Letter Phone Words to Use in a Vanity Number For Your Business

If you really want to have a pure vanity number, there are still options for you. Find that perfect four-digit word and then put a three-letter number ahead of it to create a vanity phrase. Some of the ones that are more common include GOT and NEW (such as ###-GOT-HURT and ###-NEW-LAWN .) But, there are over one thousand three letter words in the English Dictionary, so opportunity abounds.


We pulled together a quick list of the most common three-letter words we see customers use to their advantage to create a pure vanity phone number.


ALL 255
ANY 269
BUY 289
FIX 349
FOR 367
FUN 386
HEY 439
GET 437
GOT 468
ITS 487
LUV 589
NEW 639
NOW 669
OUR 687
PEP 737
PRO 776
SOS 767
THE 843
TOP 867
WHY 949
WIN 946
YAY 929
YES 937
YOU 968
ZIP 947


Think Strategically About Using Phone Words in Your Vanity Number

You can’t indiscriminately pair these phrases with a four-letter vanity word and have it make sense. You need to be thoughtful about what fits your brand and your marketing campaign. We’ve seen clients pivot their taglines and ad campaign slogans to match a great vanity phrase, though, amplifying the message. So keep an open mind and get creative!


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Written by: on January 13, 2020

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