The Future of Cell Phones

When you think about your personal cell phone use, you probably have a wish list of things you wish your device would do: longer battery life, faster app speed, greater storage. But sometimes, the best innovations are the ones you hadn't thought of - but then can't live without. interviewed a panel of experts about what are the near- and long-term features and functionality we can expect out of our mobile devices. RingBoost was proud to be included in this panel, naming the possibility to select your own custom phone number as an upgrade feature.

Expert panel on future of cell phones

Here is the list of what the experts say is in the future for cell phones:

  • Increased data capacity and speed
  • Higher demand for data tracking apps
  • Remote physical connectivity
  • Increased remote work capabilities 
  • Complete system integration
  • Bendable screens and wireless chargers
  • Improved biometrics
  • Higher demand for custom local phone numbers
  • Texting integration and upgrades

To read the full text behind these points, follow along to Best Company's article "Expert Panel: What Does the Future Hold for Cell Phones?"

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