Unique Gift Ideas for (Nearly) Everyone

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday upon us, many people are frantically pulling together shopping lists for family and friends. There is always that one person who is hard to buy for. Sure, you can get them a gift card – who doesn’t like “free” shopping? – but, if you really want to wow them, consider getting them a personalized gift that will last a lifetime: a custom vanity phone number.

A gift that is especially great for entrepreneurs, business owners, tweens about to get their first phone, and teens who want to stand out in a sea of sameness, a personalized local phone number is affordable, simple to get, and easy to implement.

You choose your  area code and then whether you’d like a vanity phrase or keyword, a memorable pattern, or maybe a string of lucky digits. (Subject to availability, of course.) Numbers are priced according to how rare they are, with options under $99. The number can then be transferred/ported for free to any mobile carrier including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Boost, and Metro. Or you can sign up for a call-forwarding plan or park the number until you’re ready to use it.

A custom phone number makes for a unique gift

A custom phone number is a unique gift that will stand out and get noticed this busy holiday season.

There are many benefits of a personalized phone number beyond being a cool conversation starter. It reduces reliance on electronic address books, so you’ll be able to reach out even if your own phone battery has died. It becomes a networking tool for future job hunting, and it helps a resume get noticed, inviting that introductory phone call. A custom phone number becomes part of a personal brand, helping you stand out.

Happy RingBoost customer and parent Conrad Saam noted in a 5-star review of RingBoost, “Great service and a huge help in getting a phone number for my son with his name built into the number. Kind of a ridiculous present for a kid, but out of the box and super fun. He loved it and RingBoost’s customer service and ease of porting that number was outstanding.”


Written by: on November 26, 2019

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