What Businesses Get Wrong About Vanity Numbers

Vanity phone numbers have long been shown to be an effective way to improve brand awareness and as an opportunity to increase the number of inbound calls to your business. If you're serious about success, vanity phone numbers will undoubtedly play a part. So why aren't more enterprises using these marketing phone numbers? It's often because they believe mistakenly that the influence of these assets is less than it actually is. They could not be more wrong. Let's address some of the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding vanity phone numbers and explore how any business, of any type or size, can make the best of the incredible opportunity.

A Vanity Number is Not Right For My Business

Vanity phone numbers are often used by businesses who tend to aggressively market their products or services - including personal injury attorneys or marketing-savvy service businesses that may use radio, television or billboard advertising- but there is a need in nearly every industry. Information overload for audiences mean that smart businesses need to use every tool at their disposal to standout. For all businesses, talking to prospects and customers has proven to result in higher revenue. Whether it's real estate or health and wellness enterprises, or any one of the dozens of business categories covered by RingBoost, a vanity phone number can be used to easily distinguish your business from the competition.

The Cost of Vanity Phone Numbers is Expensive

It's basic economics - any asset that is in high demand is going to have a corresponding high value. But this is an error of perception. Having a vanity number is actually quite affordable. Local numbers can be purchased for a one-time fee and then you own it outright. Cost for a local vanity number can be less than $100. Toll-free vanity numbers can be licensed under several models. There are options to have nationwide rights to custom numbers that can range from less than $20/mo. to several thousand, depending on the rarity of the number. There is also an option to have exclusive rights to a super-premium toll-free phone number for your specific direct market area, under the shared-use model. Calls that originate from your licensed region are automatically routed to you, and you pay a fraction of the nationwide price. What's more, response rates for campaigns that use vanity numbers are much higher which means you won't have to allocate as much money on repeat advertising - they'll simply remember your number and never need to click on ad again!

The Inventory of Good Numbers is Limited

There's likely not one single day that goes by that consumers don't "experience" at least one vanity phone number. Many people note that once they start noticing them, they see them everywhere - in restaurant windows, on bus stops, on truck wraps and so on. That can provide the sense that all of the "good numbers" are taken, but that's far from the truth. There are a lot of options that can help you stand out, whether you choose to market your brand name, a tagline, memorable keywords, or a pattern that is easy to dial. Just explore RingBoost's extensive database of toll-free vanity numbers and local phone numbers to see what's available in your region now. Once business owners and operators understand that there's more to vanity numbers than meets the eye, the sooner they will be able to capitalize on this incredible marketing, advertising and promotional asset.

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