Making Vanity Numbers a Part of Your Business Identity

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you are no doubt acutely aware of the personal investment you have in your business. Driving a small business toward success takes more than hard work; a successful business must brand and market itself efficiently and effectively. That is what makes vanity telephone numbers such a valuable addition to an effective marketing mix. Not only do they amplify brand power, they also define and demonstrate your personal investment and dedication to your business and clients.

1-800-HOSPICE - Hospice of North Central Ohio

An example of a 1-800-HOSPICE in action


Let's look at some examples: 1-800-HOSPICE 1-800-HOMECARE1-877-WINDOWS These are all vanity phone numbers that we've seen, first-hand, increase call in rates for the businesses that use them. When integrated into wider marketing campaigns, these numbers provide a branding boost and an easy, consistent way to contact the companies behind them. Once a business has purchased a local or toll free vanity phone number, they have expanded marketing capabilities in the most affordable, effective way. Over the years, studies continue to show that customers generally remember catchy vanity telephone numbers far more easily than the product a business sells.

In much the same way as catchy jingles help keep the brand behind them at the top of your thoughts when it's time to shop, vanity numbers keep your business first in line when your customer is ready to call.

The majority of businesses choose one of two options when selecting vanity phone numbers: 1) Select a vanity number based on the business name, 2) Opt for a custom number that reflects what the business sells. Whichever decision is made, the vanity number becomes the brand. The seven letter simplicity of an 800 tollfree number is extremely memorable, almost as simple as basic phonemes. This means that a company’s brand is not only as memorable as a word or two, it is potentially as memorable as music. 

We know you have made a deep personal commitment to your business, and the same should speak volumes from your marketing. Vanity telephone numbers are more than your product and more than your brand. If you are at all invested in your business, the number becomes your very name. It is as essential to your identity as the name of your business. The value of a vanity number to your business, and even to yourself, can't be overstated. Our experts will help you find the number that will give your business a new identity (and an edge over your competitors!) 

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Toll-Free Numbers

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Get a local phone number in any area code so you can have a local presence in cities across the US and Canada.

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