Call Forwarding Basics

What is call forwarding? Call forwarding routes calls placed to your custom number to whatever ring-to number you have supplied.

Why would someone use a forwarding service plan? Call forwarding plans are popular with RingBoost customers who don’t want to support a full-service plan, those who use a custom number for inbound calls only, or people who need time to phase out the current number they are using.

What is included in call forwarding? All plans include a number management portal, real time call reporting and analytics, customizable call blocking, call notification emails, Caller ID display, faxing, voicemail to email, and conference bridging.

What is the difference between plans? The main difference between plans are the number of minutes included each month. The higher-level plans include additional features such as custom greetings, call recording, on-hold music and more. No matter what plan you choose, there are no hidden fees, no contracts, and you can switch plans at any time to best suit your needs. For more information on the specific plans check out our detailed video or visit our website.

Can I forward texts as well as phone calls? The ability to forward texts depends on which carrier the number is currently sitting with. Some carriers support the forwarding of texts or the translation of texts into emails.

What happens if I want to change where my number forwards? Your number management portal will allow you to update the ring-to number at any time. What will show up on caller ID if I call out? When you have call-forwarding in place, the number that is shown when you make outbound calls is the number from which you are calling. Call forwarding is only for inbound communications.

How do I cancel call forwarding? When you are done with call forwarding, contact [email protected] and we will either park your number or get you the porting instructions you need.

If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at 1-877-RINGBOOST. And if you’re as excited about your new number as we are, leave us an online review.

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