Local Number Parking

What is number parking?

Parking is when a number remains owned by you, but it goes into an inactive state. Parking a number with RingBoost means we’ll hold on to it for you, and you won’t have to pay for a full-service plan.

Why would someone park a number?

The most common reason people park a number is that they secured it for future use and aren’t ready to activate it yet. Other reasons include traveling out of the country for an extended period, or simply needing to put a number on hold for a while.

Can I still receive calls when my number is parked?

The short answer is no. In some instances, there may be a prerecorded message, but in other cases the number will ring inactive. If you wish to still be able to receive voicemail messages or texts, a starter service plan may be a better fit.

Do I have to have purchased my number with RingBoost to use your parking service?

No, we can park any number for you, but first it must be ported to one of our carriers.

What does number parking cost?

Parking a number is only a few dollars a month, drastically less costly than keeping a number active on a full-service plan.

How do I reactive my number?

When you are ready to use your number, simply notify RingBoost and select either porting or a call forwarding service plan.

If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at 1-877-RINGBOOST. And if you’re as excited about your new number as we are, leave us an online review.

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