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Savvy Marketing Helps Salon Grow

Case Study: 719-520-EDEN

Eden Salon & Barbershop is a thriving salon in Colorado Springs. Smart marketing practices supported tremendous growth, both in attracting customers and independent artists, allowing the leadership team to open a second location. Building off previous marketing success, they knew there was one thing they definitely needed for the new spot: a custom phone number.


Eden Salon & Barbershop opened in 2005 and expanded in 2012 with a space that could house up to 30 independent artists including hairstylists and barbers. Under this model, the stylists are not employees of Eden, but rather rent the space. They cater to an eclectic clientele: men, women, young children and retirees, business professionals and students. Eden has worked hard to build a strong brand that attracts artists as well as the broad range of customers. The company leaders have taken a thoughtful and proactive approach to maintaining consistency, knowing the power of a strong reputation. "As a community, we're viewed as a unit," explains founder Andria Lynn Livingston, "At the end of the day, if XYZ Hair LLC operates out of Eden's Salon and a customer has a bad experience, they are not going to mention XYZ, they are going to say 'I had a bad haircut at Eden.' We work really hard to uphold the Eden standards. For instance, everyone is required to use certain brands of product for consistency. They are required to give free neck and bang trims in between cuts. We explain to our artists that this is the brand that we're trying to portray, and we put it in their contracts."

Maintaining Brand Integrity with Growth

In 2018, a second Eden location was opened in a new neighborhood, with a different, team-based concept where all of the artists are employees of the salon. Livingston wanted a matching phone number that ended in EDEN, like the original location, but when she called her carrier, they were unable to accommodate her request. That's when she turned to RingBoost. "Phone calls are extremely important to our business. There are people who don't want to talk on the phone, but there are generations of people who do. What we do is a relationship-driven business – the whole experience of getting a cut doesn't start just when you sit in the chair. Our phone number is part of our branding. The more you can get your name out there, redundantly, the better. On the importance list from a 1-10, it was a ten. It had to happen."


RingBoost was able to find a number in a local area code that ended in EDEN for the new salon location. When the carrier was unable to accept the number, Livingston signed up for call forwarding to ensure she could use the number in all of her marketing.

RingBoost saved me. I was searching all over the place when I finally found the site. Everything was user friendly, easy to set up. And when I was having problems with the overlay and porting, I had the option to do the forwarding. It's less than what I spend on two cups of coffee a month. Everyone was helpful, informative, and gave me the exact instructions I needed to make my decisions"

– Andria Livingston, Owner

Eden Salon takes a multichannel approach to marketing and uses their custom phone numbers on everything. They do social media, sponsored ads, boosted posts, Val-pak mailers, live events, text marketing, email marketing – you name it, they do it. "One of the biggest challenges is not knowing what is going to work," Livingston shares. "I'm always trying new ideas, new images, new offers. But the one thing I know will always work is our phone number."

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