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An Elite Number Makes a Medical Practice More Accessible

Case Study: 212-484-BONE

When Highline Orthopaedics was looking for a top-tier phone number to match their top-tier medical practice, they turned to RingBoost to find a specific vanity number in an exhausted area code.


By nature of being a New York City-based orthopaedic surgeon group, Highline Orthopaedics primarily services a regional community. As specialists, they get new patients from both general consumer marketing as well as referrals from other doctors. They do a combination of print and online marketing for lead generation, but also maintain ongoing communication with patients and fellow physicians. Phone calls are incredibly important to the practice because it helps them keep track of patients and provide optimal patient care.

A Local Number with Mass Appeal

When looking for a perfect phone number to bolster the group's brand and facilitate important communications, they turned to RingBoost because of the "best and largest selection of vanity numbers," explains Dr. Mark Mohrmann, CEO. "We wanted a 212 number because it represents old New York and the vanity BONE for Orthopaedic Surgery." The company selected the number 212-484-BONE (2663) which has broad appeal. Using a classic Manhattan area code signifies longevity and an understanding of the local community and the vanity is simple and speaks to the type of work they do. It is memorable in a positive way for referring physicians and patients, whether prospective or under current care. This ensures that important conversations, such as relaying pertinent information to improve patient care, can be collected in a timely and complete way.


Highline Orthopaedics remains happy with their vanity number selection and has seen a positive impact on their company.

It's easy to remember, so it helps our business and fellow physicians. It's a great way to stand out in an age when no one remembers phone numbers [but phone calls remain critical]."

– Dr. Mark Mohrmann, CEO

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