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A Custom Number Drives a New Line for Roofing Company


How RingBoost Helped Florida's Reliant Roofing, Solar & Hurricane Shutters find the perfect brand asset to launch a new product line

Roofing companies and vanity numbers have always been a great fit. For contractors in general, phone calls are a primary source of new business. This is especially true in the roofing sector, where customers have numerous options in every location. They want to quickly schedule a visit and get a quote. You need to take every opportunity to stand out, grab the attention of prospects, and make it easy to connect. An unforgettable number does just that. Florida’s Reliant Roofing, Solar & Hurricane Shutters understands the need for a great number, which is why they reached out to RingBoost when the company decided to offer a new line in protective shutters. Designed to shield customers from the elements when hurricane season comes calling, shutters are a natural service extension for a roofing company. With the potential to grow quickly, Reliant Roofing needed a marketing asset that would help build the brand.

Why Choose a Vanity Number to Expand Your Roofing Brand?

Adrienne, Director of Public Relations at Reliant, shared how this new vanity number boosts the company’s brand in this new sector. "904-SHUTTER was chosen to promote our new department. This number stands out amongst the competition and is extremely easy to remember." Branding is never easy, even for the biggest companies in the world, so any marketing asset that’s both affordable and immediately accessible holds great value for regional and local business owners. A memorable vanity number for a roofing company falls firmly into that category, creating a recognizable brand almost instantly for both existing product lines and new services that need to be introduced to a competitive marketplace. Stand-out phone numbers can be a great hook for a campaign announcing the new service offering.

Customers remember words much easier than random numbers. Give them a simple word to remember not only what you sell, but who you are, and they will call."

– Adrienne Menzies, Director of Public Relations

What Were the Results?

We’re happy to report that Reliant’s shutter business is off to a roaring start, thanks in no small part to their new phone number. Adrienne shares the following:

  • A 90% increase in leads for shutters since 904-SHUTTER was rolled out into the company’s marketing materials.
  • A 25% increase in conversions resulting from that uptick in lead generation.
  • A streamlined brand presence online and offline, with a custom domain building brand reputation digitally and 904-SHUTTER increasing awareness out in the real world.

These results epitomize why we work so closely with regional businesses to get a vanity number they love. With the right digits in place, brand recognition increases, and the calls come rolling in astonishingly fast. Much like a sturdy roof, shelter, and now shutters from Reliant Roofing, Solar & Hurricane Shutters, a memorable phone number will stand the test of time and serve your marketing campaigns for years to come. [local-search box='blue' placeholder='roof' title='Enter Your Area Code And Search Keyword Below' text='Then click search to find available ROOF numbers in your local market.']

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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