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Building a Premium Manhattan Real Estate Brand

Case Study: 212-777-2008

PropertyClub is a New York City-based real estate business focused on giving consumers the insights and connections needed to secure dream housing. Recently, they've launched services geared towards lowering brokerage fees for buyers and sellers, including commission rebates in NYC, becoming the first local listing marketplace to do so. For the company, reputation is essential to building trust and generating leads, and they chose a custom easy-dial local phone number to give their brand a boost.


As a marketplace that gives saves renters and buyers time and money, and gives them direct access to landlords, sellers, and listing agents, PropertyClub is pioneering a new approach to New York City residential real estate. Building a product that is new and unfamiliar to many users means that brand and storytelling are a massive part of PropertyClub's growth strategy. While their offering has the potential to be industry-disrupting, leadership understands that building a robust and credible reputation means playing the long-game.

Enhancing Success Across Marketing Channels

PropertyClub uses a multi-channel marketing approach including email, PPC, SEO, and good, old-fashioned networking. They've seen impressive growth in the past months and continue to grab new opportunities to reach audiences. Knowing they had to hit every possible channel, the company turned to RingBoost and its premium customer service to find the perfect easy-dial local phone number for their business: 212-777-2008.

The PropertyClub custom phone number in use on the portal


"Phone calls are an essential part of our business, especially now with our buyer rebate offering. It's virtually impossible for us to make a sale without a phone call first," notes CEO Andrew Weinberger. "We selected this number based on two main factors: the first is that we're a local New York City company and we wanted a[n original] 212 area code. The second was that we do a lot of events and in-person networking and while handing out a business card is great, giving someone a phone number that they can instantly remember is even better. Saying '212, triple seven, 2008' is easy."

Customers and contacts have commented on how simple it is to remember this easy dial phone number. It's not only a conversation starter; it's a feather in the cap of PropertyClub's brand.

We feel it helps build trust with our customers, especially during our initial calls with potential clients. When researching a vanity phone number, I came across a lot of negativity, about how nobody cares or remembers phone numbers anymore, but my experience has been the exact opposite of that. All-in-all we couldn't be happier."

– Andrew Weinberger, CEO

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