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Superior Homecare

Sometimes a number can be as simple as saying what service you offer. One of our favorite case studies of a vanity number success story is that of Superior Homecare adopting 1-800-HOMECARE for the Utah area. It is a testament to the fast-acting, immediate impact of a memorable phone number that integrates with other marketing materials to provide a clear call to action. The number is a premium vanity number that Superior Homecare leverages exclusively in its local market. That brings all of the benefits of a premium number at a much more affordable price, thanks to the way our toll free vanity numbers work.

1-800-homecare - Utah family business marketing

Family Business Superior Homecare Boosts Sales Referrals by 300%

In this quick YouTube video below, RingBoost CEO Gregg Hamerschlag offers his thoughts on the marketing decision for homecare providers to use this powerful memorable number.


Consider how your company could leverage a toll free vanity number to generate more inbound calls, which we know convert to up to 10x more revenue than online leads. If your business is in the home care or health sector, review our industry-related vanity numbers here.

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