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Phone Numbers as a Strategic Advantage

Case Study: IT Consulting Agency

Velo IT Goup is an outsourced IT services provider with a specialization in small and lower-mid market companies. As a company that is masterful in their own marketing outreach, Velo helps clients leverage technology for brand and marketing success. One of the ways they help is by securing custom phone numbers.


Velo IT Group works across different industries including legal, financial services, healthcare providers and energy. The common thread throughout all the work they do is to help companies operate at peak performance. The Velo Method is a strategic, proactive, best-practice oriented approach to ensure their SMB clients have technology programs that support their company’s health and growth. As a managed services provider (MSP) they get involved with every aspect of their clients’ technology profiles, from IT to cybersecurity to telecom. Clients that are compliant with the Velo Method experience dramatically fewer issues and nearly zero security breaches.

Going Beyond the Predictable – Custom Phone Numbers

The nature of Velo’s offerings and service is inevitably complex, so they put a lot of energy into marketing and educating their audiences about the possibilities.

Managed IT Services Providers get ahead with custom phone numbers 

"So often, we’re in a position where potential clients have just come to accept what they were getting as normal," notes President and CEO Taylor Toce. "They are not even aware of what else they could have, what life could be like. We have a lot to teach them." When tasked with helping clients implement voice and phone communications, Velo recommends exploring the option of a custom number. "Despite the fact that everyone is communicating on Instagram, text, Slack, and email, and people say that phone traffic is decreasing, phones remain very necessary for businesses," Toce opines.

Companies that are good at using a phone have a strategic advantage. So many people are so bad at it. Companies that have good phone numbers and know how to use them are the ones that get ahead."

– Taylor Toce, CEO

After having bad experiences with other providers, Velo uses RingBoost as their go-to for custom phone numbers. "RingBoost is really easy. We’ve never had an issue. You can get a great, marketable number."


One of the advantages that Velo outlines for their customers is the brand-boosting benefit of having a great phone number. "I tell them that it’s an integral part of the brand. It is not optional," says Toce. "You want to control everything. Look at the most successful brands in the world - they didn’t leave their brands to chance. They are strict about their colors, the shade, and the PMS color chip for our blue for our logo. They were very intentional about it. And it was very consistent across the company. It is a very important part of the brand. "The minute you start to think one piece of the brand is not important, you’ve developed the weakest link in the chain."

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Boost your calls and sales with a memorable vanity phone number!

Toll-Free Numbers

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Local Numbers

Get a local phone number in any area code so you can have a local presence in cities across the US and Canada.


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