10 Tips to Boost Your Memorial Day Marketing

If you're feeling summer in the air, it usually means Memorial Day is right around the summer. It's the unofficial start of the season, but it always has everyone in a good mood (and ready to party!) Holidays are a great time , but it can be hard to get your small business marketing message through the clutter. Thankfully, with a little bit of creativity and some careful planning, you can make your small business holiday marketing stand out from the pack. As Memorial Day is fast approaching, here are ten ideas to kick start your holiday marketing, and to which you can keep referring back through Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and indeed any major calendar events that make waves in your market place. Good luck (and have a great Memorial Day, in terms of both good spirit and sales!) [caption id="attachment_1513" align="aligncenter" width="531"]a vanity number for two? Make your summer sales so good that everyone will be talking about them![/caption]

Ten Tips to Boost Your Holiday Marketing Specials

1. Include a 'repeat reveal' - special deals every day of the long weekend, for example - to maintain interest in your specials and keep people checking back. Freebies and deep discounts on a single product are often the most attractive factors gaining return visits. 2. Offer to make your customers' lives easier. What can you do to ease their burden during the festive flurry? Anything that saves your customer time or checks something off of their holiday list will be sure to stand out. 3. Maintain a core theme to your promotions, but vary the content across different platforms. The branding of your specials should be consistent and true to your brand values, while also playing to the strengths of a given platform. 4. Run multiple special offers, each time-bound with a clear expiration. Following on from our first tip, prompt your customers to act by reminding them of deadlines on deals and keep them coming back for more through teasers about the next special. 5. Cross-promote with a like-minded business or site. Look across your network to see where you can add value to their customers without detracting from your own. The right partnership can extend the reach of holiday communications for both parties, as well as standing out with an audience that is less regularly exposed to your promotions. 6. Time your social media posts to perfection. Carefully watch your followers for signs that they're out shopping. If you can figure out the peak times that your customers will be stocking up for the big day, you can schedule your marketing messages a little before that so that they remain fresh in their mind. 7. Make sure that you have tracking in place for each promotional channel that you roll out. Monitor and adjust your messaging if you don't see the results you expected. 8. Personalize physical marketing materials, wherever possible. Hand-crafted or personalized mail items stand out especially nowadays, where most promotions have moved to online channels and direct-mail marketing often remains impersonal. Take the opportunity that the holidays afford to reach out to customers on a more human level. 9. Have dedicated landing pages for each promotional special. Add these hubs to succinctly explain a specific offer to potential customers and design them with a to action mind. Again, you can monitor results for each page and adjust to improve performance. 10. Use paid advertising in particularly competitive spaces. If you anticipate a tight race in any given product service category, roll out a paid ad component to support your organic marketing efforts. The increased repetition of messaging will give you a greater chance of winning the  purchase.   If you have an idea to add for small business holiday marketing, we'd love to hear it. Spread the sunshine of your great Memorial Day marketing ideas on any of the social networks you see below! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google

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