5 Quotes on Blogging for Businesses

Your 2019 marketing strategy should contain blogging. It is an essential tool for your business to reach its audience. In addition to customer engagement, blogs help to improve search engine rankings and lead generation. Check out these facts and benefits about business blogging. 

  1. "Yes, video is engaging. But when it comes to drilling down and providing the nitty gritty on a subject, long form content, 2000 words or more, performs systematically well." -Wanda Coustas- HubSpot
  2. "Blogs are the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information." -Wanda Coustas- HubSpot
  3. "Your blog is an evolving collection of articles, keywords, and expertise that any reliable search engine optimization (SEO) campaign demands." -Wanda Coustas- HubSpot
  4. "Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website than those who don’t." -Wanda Coustas- HubSpot
  5. "52% of business owners agreed that blogging is their most critical content marketing tactic." -Wanda Coustas- HubSpot

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    Making Vanity Numbers a Part of Your Business Identity

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    Vanity Numbers at Work: One Marketing Tool to Rule Them All

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