7 Ways to Win Customer Calls Using Social Media

Social networks have grown into almost every corner of our lives. From reconnecting with old friends to researching new purchases, the influential power of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has expanded rapidly. Businesses have taken note of this shift, which is why so many are moving to these online channels to inform customers and answer questions about their industries. With so many platforms and potential places to connect with your target audience, however, it can be overwhelming to identify the best ways to use social media to impact your bottom line. With a little thought and a lot of planning, you can craft a social media strategy that works for you at the same time as helping out potential customers and encouraging them to call your company, whether now or when they have a need in future. [caption id="attachment_3080" align="aligncenter" width="640"]social media marketing apps Social media and telecoms marketing make for a powerful partnership. | Image Credit: Jason Howie[/caption]

Seven Ways to Win Customer Calls with Social

These ideas are just a small selection of the ways you can use social media to drive inbound calls and win over new customers, but they're a great place to start!
  • 1. Demonstrate Your Expertise: Reading a post on social is a lot less commitment than making a call, so it's the ideal place to prove to potential customers that you're an expert in your field. Write about what you know best, solve their problems, and the next step will be trusting new customers calling you for help.
  • 2. Leverage Your Vanity Number: We always say that a memorable phone number bridges the gap between traditional and new media channels, and this is especially true of social media. A number that translates to a brand or call to action is much easier to incorporate into social media posts and images than a set of easily forgotten digits, which add nothing to your ads and can clutter up your marketing message.
  • 3. Use Facebook's Call to Action:  Late last year Facebook unveiled a new feature that lets you add a handy call to action button at the top of your business profile. One of the seven CTA options is 'Contact Us' and provides a place to let customers know how they can get in touch with you. Although this is still based on a web link, you can redirect this targeted interest to a landing page that emphasizes your phone number, or even a mobile page that offers easy click to call functionality. Either way, you'll have metrics to show how many have clicked and be able to correlate that to resulting calls.
  • 4. Help Them Understand Your Industry: You can make the most of this by following informative accounts and reading up on areas you need to know more about, then sharing the most relevant of this information with your fans and followers. In a similar manner to the first tip, this curation of useful posts shows that you know your business and can call on the right sources to solve customer queries.
  • 5. Ask Questions: Social media is all about two-way communication, so start a conversation with your audience and keep it going. This keeps them coming back to see what you have to say, as well as inviting more opportunities to ask them to give you a call when they have questions or a conversation that requires individual attention.
  • 6. Offer a Virtual Tour: Photo galleries and video clips now allow you to show off your premises or a portfolio of work online. By walking potential customers through your place of work, or showing them successful projects that you've completed, you can establish a level of trust that was much harder to communicate with traditional ads. Having your phone number handy and integrated into these images is a great way to ensure your audience can contact you when the time is right.
  • 7. Encourage Reviews and Testimonials: Platforms like Facebook and Google make it really easy to review a business, from offering a star rating to leaving comments about the customer experience. To win more customer calls from social media users, your business will need to have that "social proof" that comes with a mostly positive set of reviews. The bonus is that you can also use these ratings and comments in other places, like a testimonials section on your website or in your marketing materials.
  Have you used social media to increase calls to your memorable contact number? If so we'd love to hear how! Share your success stories on any of the social networks you see below. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google

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