Local Law Firm is One in (Six) Million

Already familiar with how a custom phone number improves lead generation, the partners of Mainetti & Mainetti PC sought a unique number that would both tie them tightly to their local community and set them apart from the other regional law firms. The number 845-600-0000 fit the bill perfectly.


Mainetti & Mainetti PC, is a law firm in New York State with an almost-exclusive focus on personal injury cases including motorcycle and automobile accidents, slips and falls, construction and more. The partners have been practicing in the region for over four decades and knew when they started their own firm how important it was to connect with the local community. "We're pretty active in all of our marketing outreach," notes Michael Mainetti. "We do radio ads. We're active on social media. We focus on community outreach whenever we can, including fundraisers, sponsorships, bike rides and runs. For our business and also for us personally, it's really important to build trust long before anyone might become a potential client. We work hard to get our message out so when people need us, they think of us first." Having worked in other firms that used custom phone numbers, the partners knew a great number would increase memorability, create consistency between advertising channels, and keep them top of mind.


The firm selected the millions number (845) 600-0000 for their main line, a decision they came to strategically. They had many considerations to find the perfect number that fit their personal injury business. First, it was important to secure a local phone number. The partners grew up in the area and wanted to project the feeling that a potential client was reaching out to a trusted neighbor, not a huge firm that wouldn't know the lay of the land. Next, they decided to search for an easy-dial for several reasons. They wanted to separate themselves from other firms that used vanity words, and to convey a sense of seriousness and gravity to their message. And ultimately, they chose the pattern that was the easiest to relay in various media – especially on the radio. "It's really as simple as it gets. It's only two numbers: six and zero," Michael points out. "The right audience doesn't even have to remember the 845, because it's their own [area code]. We say, 'Call us at 845-six-million' and everyone can instantly remember how to reach us."


Phone calls are a big part of Mainetti & Mainetti's lead generation practices. It is the number one way that potential clients reach them, with web contacts coming in second. It's a strategic move on the part of the business to funnel inquiries to the phone, and they staff accordingly to make sure inbound calls are answered.

People are curious if they have a case, and a phone call is the most efficient way to figure it out. If we can spend a few minutes on the phone, we can sort out the details and ask questions. We can get to the root of the issue really fast to see how strong the case is and give the answers callers need."

Focusing on inbound calls also helps the firm handle screening new cases amidst busy schedules. Team members are often out of the office for court appearances or depositions. Being able to make the most of their time on the road by still being able to talk with prospects helps keep the business afloat. And, it's not just for prospective clients. Current clients appreciate the ease of getting in touch with their attorneys. They don't even need to retain a business card or write it down because the number is so memorable. "At the end of the day, we help people - people who are badly hurt. A phone call allows us to compassionately advise clients of their options," explains Michael. "It can be a very traumatic, life-changing event to have a claim because you've been injured. We want to be there for them, to guide them, to help them navigate this confusing landscape of insurance and personal injury law. Being able to connect one-to-one makes all the difference."

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